Real Name: Kevin Rose
Aliases: None known
Identity: Public
Occupation: Self-employed Private Investigator
Citizenship: USA
Education: College
Birthplace: San Mateo, CA
Date of Birth: December 12, 1990
Known Relatives: None known
Group Affiliation: None


Kevin Rose is a moderately successful private investigator and independent troubleshooter, known for his discretion. He's also the hero-for-hire Zeroman, a masked adventurer who's been a bodyguard, security specialist, and general do-gooder. As far as the how and why of that, it's something he literally fell into. Kevin was a fairly normal guy going to school as a criminal justice major (his original intent was to become an FBI field agent) and paying his rent by being a stuntman and action stand-in on various low-budget movies.

One of his friends on set was mistaken for a famous star and murdered; Kevin realized that it was connected to two other killings in the same area. When the cops refused to believe him about the connection between the murders, he created a 'costumed ID' (using what he had in the closet at the time, castoffs from various films he'd worked on) and put his skills to use in tracking down the 'Star Slasher' himself. He got some good publicity from it and truth to tell he liked the idea of jumping around at night and putting the beat-down on the criminal element. He doesn't make a big deal about his secret ID, and frequently the only difference between 'Kevin' and 'Zeroman' is the tie-on mask.

He's self-trained as a mixed-martial-arts fighter and traceur, capable of leaping over fences, breaking brick with his fists, and avoiding all but the most extreme obstacles. He also uses customized firearms and 'Z-rangs' when needed to stun a foe from a distance. (These weapons are hardly ever taken from him, so they're just represented as extensions of his Strike 'power').

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Real Name: Kevin Rose
Aliases: None Known
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170
Known Relatives: None Known

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