Real Name: Anna Blake
Aliases: {$Aliases}
Identity: Known to Law Enforcement Agencies
Occupation: Scientist, Criminal, Arts Entusiast
Citizenship: US Citizen with a criminal record
Education: Doctorate: Physics
Birthplace: New England
Date of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unnamed Parents (Presumed deceased)
Group Affiliation: {$Affiliation}


Growing up among the upper crust old-money wealthy of New England, Anna Blake wanted for nothing. However, unlike most people in that situation, she was able to stop herself from becoming spoiled, and grwew up a bright young woman. However, as much as her parents pushed her for a career in the sciences (because a Doctor in the family means more status), Anna found herself at her best when playing the violin.

However, when she told her parents that she wished to study music, they put their foot down, threatening to cut her off if she 'wasted' her college education. So, she capitulated, but managed to find some compromise within herself by studying physics and the sciences of sound. What she discovered was that sound could be used for many different things, and it could affect solid matter and even the wills of other people. She knew (read: snapped) then that she could create a better society; one where art is created and adored, and held to the high standards that science was in this day and age.

She built her own violin with this sonic technology, and first took over the family fortune by taking over her parents. But that wasn't enough; while she could do as she wished, High Society still frowned on her. So, she started using her violin to take them over as well, liquidating their assets and donating to various public venues (PBS, music programs, ect). By the time East Coast hero Cusp caught up with her, she had transformed her family's home into a small palace, with hypnotized wealthy people she knew as her servants and private musicians.

She was arrested, her assets frozen, and placed in a high security prison in Southern California 5 years ago, her violin destroyed. However, with the Quake, she escaped, and hasn't been heard from since.

RP Logs

A Brief Musical Interlude September 1st, 2010 - Proton and Spook fight to stop Virtuoso robbing a bank, but she has a surprise up her sleeve in the form of Thorn.


Real Name: Anna Blake
Aliases: Virtuoso
Age: Mid 30s
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161 lbs
Known Relatives: Unnamed Parents (Presumed deceased)

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