Age of Heroes MUX is a game set in a world very much like our own, and very much unlike our own. Major historical events of the past are as we would know them, but the game world diverges sharply from the world we live in at the point where Tesla unlocked the power of The Stranger.

From that day forward the world was a more colorful place than our own. It is a world that has known of super powered individuals for almost three quarters of a century, and that has had a profound effect on the course of world events.

The game grid will be primarily concerned with the fictional city of San Angeles built from and over the ruins of San Diego and Los Angeles, the most modern city in the world built in the wake of the terrible earthquake of 2006. Built by the common efforts of dozens of super heroes (and even a couple villains truth be told) it is a testament to the human ability to persevere and triumph over adversity.

San Angeles has a grittier side, generally referred to as Undercity, a wasteland under San Angeles housing numerous landfills and waste dumps, not to mention the remains of the older cities and suburbs. A haven for criminal elements, and home to many homeless and poverty stricken Undercity is a place where life is cheap.

San Angeles proper is a place for mostly 'four color' action, where as Undercity is for gritty, street-level action. Not that there can't be overlap.

This is a world with long established super heroes and villains, a world of high adventure.

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