The Twilight Sisters

Ownership: Free

The Twilight Sisters

Public Criminal Profile

Codename: The Twilight Sisters
Real Names: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Solo Operatives
Current Status: At Large
Distinctive Traits: Black eyes, wrapped in shadowy garments; they do not cast a shadow of their own when in physical form.

Known Background:
The identities of the Twilight Sisters are a mystery, and will likely remain so until such time as they are apprehended. Active only in the past few years, they seem to lack any large-scale ambition, and to date have mostly stuck to robberies and ransom schemes that have some chance of success, often utilizing gangs of low-level criminals in their plans. They have on occasion acted as henchwomen to a more ambitious villain, but have always slipped out before their 'boss' was taken down.

Known Abilities:
The Twilight Sisters are known to be able to assume a shadowy and incorporeal form, in which they are nearly invulnerable to attack and extremely stealthy. Their other abilities verifiably witnessed have been varied but all gone along the same theme, from casting darkness over a room to tangling a foe in strands of solidified shadow. They are known to possess the capability to teleport through shadowy areas as well.

Second-hand reports have suggested that they may also be mystics of some potency, although the details and truth of this are unknown. It may be true, or they may simply be umbrakinetic mutants claiming supernatural powers as part of their mystique. Some of their goons and thugs have claimed to have been 'forced' to obey them due to having their 'shadows stolen'. While the truth of this remains unconfirmed, it is widely considered to simply be a ploy to avoid jail-time.

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