The Stranger

The Stranger

The Stranger is an enigma, nobody knows much about it even today.

Of unknown origin and buried under the northern polar ice for sixty five million years the vehicle (Spacecraft? Dimension Hopper? Time Ship?) showed absolutely no signs of wear and tear. The composition of the craft includes eleven completely new elements not listed in the periodic table as it is known on Earth. In the wake of the attack on Area 51 it was decided to move The Stranger there for more detailed analysis under cover of rebuilding the devastated base.

The vehicle is powered by an exotic reactor of an unknown design — though it appears to use some sort of self-sustaining fusion reaction. Decades of study have not managed to penetrate too many of the mysteries of the device other than the realization that the sphere surrounding it is some sort of an interface. Indeed, several others spheres have been located throughout the ship and have led the researchers to some exciting new areas.

Many of the government's best technologies were derived from the few bits of technology from The Stranger they were able to reverse engineer.

The Stranger is so deeply Classified that even the President has little to no knowledge about the craft. S Branch is the highly covert group assigned to study The Stranger and deal with Extraterrestrials for the US Government. Nominally a part of Homeland Security they are in reality essentially autonomous.

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