The Mind Cell

Run by the infamous Lord Obsidian, a mentalist of immense power whose identity is shrouded in mystery, the Mind Cell Criminal Cartel is pervasive and multifaceted. Composed of numerous Cells, much like a classic terrorist structure, the Cartel has footholds in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas — virtually everywhere except, for some unknown reason, Australia.

The Cartel has six 'divisions' each with a different focus and Modus Operandi which helps keep the authorities guessing as to the true nature of the group…not that more than a handful of people in the world know that the Mind Cell is a coherent group.

Each division head is contacted by Lord Obsidian directly, mind to mind, and issued instructions. Lord Obsidian himself is the head of the Esper Division, an insidious group of mentalists with abilities running the the entire gamut of psychic powers. Of course none of them can rival the sheer breadth and scope of power that Lord Obsidian has, and that's exactly as he likes it. Even within the organization only a handful of cartel members even know that there is an Esper division, and even fewer have met Lord Obsidian face to face…some even remember the experience, and survived it!

The second division is the Whisper Cell composed entirely of traditional, for lack of a better word, Ninja. Make no mistake, they are not of any one nationality, they are however very highly trained, and masters of both the martial arts and stealth. Their leader is simply known as Edge.

Third, the Cyber Division is a group of individuals with technological skills and even the rare person or three with the ability to directly interface with machines or computers. They are involved in all manners of technological and computer crimes. The division is headed up by Terrorbyte, a mysterious person who never meets people in person, but always through tech interfaces — some suspect he's an AI, others believe him to be a 14 year old girl — and all manner of wild theories in between. One thing is certain, when it comes to his identity nobody but Terrorbyte knows for sure who he is. Or she. Or it.

Fourth, the Strike Division is the largest by far of all the various cells, it is composed mostly of thugs, gang members, and the occasional mercenary. It is more of a 'street level' group, and handles the more traditional crimes like drugs, prostitution, gambling, protection, and various forms of larceny. The nominal head of the Strike Division is Malice, a woman of exceptionally cruel and malignant disposition.

Fifth, the Shrike Division is an elite group of highly trained assassins of a more modern caliber. They have numerous gunmen, some of the best in the world, but the creme de la creme of the division are the Knight Shadows, a group possessed of the ability to perform feats far beyond the human. Shrike Division is headed up by Shade, by reputation the world's greatest assassin.

Sixth, the Wildcard Division is the last of the groups, and their membership is as eclectic as the name implies, however the one thing they have in common is that each and every one of them is a Super. Their current head is the famed villain Burst, though how long that will remain the case is uncertain — this is perhaps the most fluid of all the cells with the most change over in command structure and in membership.

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