The Hand of Tomorrow
The advancement of mankind has always depended upon technology.
We would still be sitting in caves, had we not invented clay, brick, steel.
Still be hiding from the night had we not mastered fire.
There have always been reactionaries that feared the advancement of our inner nature.
Luddites, smashing the engines that will turn the world to its next age.
But there have always been revolutionaries of philosophy and science willing to go against them.
In defense of logic, Socrates was forced to drink poison.
Darwin and Mendel were rejected and demonized, though their works are the foundation of genetics today.
Galileo, forced to recant or die.
Oppenheimer, cast down for unimportant political sympathies despite having harnessed the Atom.
Today, the governments of the world, fearful of advancement, restrict and control experimentation and advancement.
They have no right to do so, no right to slow the wheel of history.
The future will not be denied.
We are the Hand of Tomorrow.

The group known as the Hand of Tomorrow is an international terrorist organization led by a coalition of rogue scientists that believe that ethics, religion, politics and morality should have no place in science. No restrictions, no limits. Their activities are widespread, and usually focus around the acquisition of funding for their research and rare materials that could be usable in those same experiments. They've been known to infiltrate scientific institutions to acquire copies of classified or experimental research, and in some cases have kidnapped scientists from their homes in order to force them to work for the Hand.

Their leaders are rarely seen, as they prefer to work through well-equipped strike teams bearing the latest bleeding-edge technology - and beyond, into the realm of supertech. They reputedly pay their 'employees' very well, attracting many to the group for money, while others are drawn in by the rhetoric of the organization and a true belief in science above all other concerns. Some neo-nazi groups have become aligned with the organization in recent years due to their claim that Mengele and other Nazi scientists were strong contributers to medical science, giving them an additional source of muscle and political influence to call upon. The group also has an array of supervillains to call upon when needed, due to favors earned by selling super-tech to these criminals.

Their leaders are unknown, and rumors are rampant. Some claim that the Hand's leadership is mostly comprised of ex-Nazi scientists, while others believe that they are artificial intelligences, alien beings, or stranger entities. Numerous conspiracy theories point at this or that prominent face in physics or mathematics, but most of these can probably be safely ignored. It's rather doubtful that Stephen Hawking's chair contains secret electronics to allow him to communicate with the rest of the cabal, or that the Brain of Nikola Tesla rules the hand from the glass jar in which it sits, after all.

But then, the world has seen stranger things in recent years…

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