The Flagbearer
The Flagbearer
Real Name: Timothy Friedman
Aliases: Tim, Flag
Identity: Secret (Classified)
Occupation: Freedom Brigade Agent
Citizenship: Citizen, National Guard Reservist, Retired Army
Education: ROTC Graduate
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Date of Birth: January 14th 1975
Known Relatives: Otto Friedman - Das Ubersoldat (Grandfather, deceased), Monique Friedman (Grandmother, deceased), George Friedman (Father), Marion Clarke Friedman (Mother)
Group Affiliation: Freedom Brigade

Projekt Ubersoldat


Otto Friedman was one of the wounded of the Second World War, discovered in the last days of the war by a french family laying half-dead on the side of the road in a German uniform that they didn't recognize. Although her father wished to leave him to die, Monique LaBelle was a woman of surpassing compassion, and insisted that they gather him into their car and nurse him back to health. It soon became obvious that their guest had entirely lost his memory due to his injuries. Out of fear of what might happen if he remembered, they chose not to tell him anything aside from that they'd found him injured, burning his uniform and papers quietly before he recovered.

As many do, Otto fell in love with his nurse — and a few years after the War's end they were married, and he began a new life in the French countryside. The years to come saw much prejudice hurled at him for his obvious germanic heritage, however, and with Monique pregnant they chose to immigrate to the United States, the so-called land of opportunity. New York City was a place that they fell in love with at first sight, and Otto found a job working at a factory, his discipline and unflagging endurance for back-breaking work swiftly bringing him up the ranks and ensuring a good life for his wife and children, George, Anita, and Karl.

In time, George - on a business trip to Los Angeles as part of his job as a safety inspector for the company that owned the factory that, by now, Otto ran - met the woman of his dreams, Marion Clarke, and after a whirlwind romance they, too, were married, and he moved to the west coast to stay close with her family, although he kept in close touch with his parents and siblings. Timothy was born from their union before too long, and grew up in a happy home with a good education.

A brilliant young man, and one who developed a patriotic streak after exposure to numerous John Wayne movies as a child, the benefits of national service were obvious to him — and instead of pursuing the Ivy League schools that were courting him, he signed up for ROTC. A pinnacle of intellectual and physical prowess, he outperformed every expectation, so much so that he was taken aside and tested for metahuman genetics. No one was more surprised than him when he discovered that his genetic code showed signs of engineering - although with two generations of drift since those initial alterations.

Otto and Marion had died some years prior, so no answers were forthcoming from them; stories of how his grandmother had found his grandfather dying in a ditch during the War seemed to suggest that he was the product of a Nazi Supersoldier program. The Army wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, however, and upon graduation transferred Tim to the First Metahuman, furnishing him with a new uniform and an experimental staff weapon. During his military career, he—

---Information Redacted---

—but after the Californian Tectonic Event, Timothy retired from the military — but not from service, signing up with the Freedom Brigade and requesting assignment to the 32nd Battalion, California's own. Numerous metahuman criminals and terrorists were dealt with during the construction of San Angeles, but the real danger came from within. Adam American, the battalion's commander, turned out to be addicted to 'Harvest' - a meta-boosting drug extracted from the brains of metahumans - and fell under the influence of the local drug runners. The Flagbearer discovered this and brought it to light, igniting a massive fight within the group that led to the deaths of three members and the retirement of several more. In the wake of this mess, Tim was the last active member of the 32nd.

Well, he'd just have to rebuild.

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Real Name: Timothy Friedman
Aliases: Tim, The Flagbearer
Age: 34
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10.5"
Weight: 217 lbs (Due to denser bone structure than most humans.)
Known Relatives: Otto Friedman - Das Ubersoldat (Grandfather), George Friedman (Father, deceased), Marion Clarke Friedman (Mother)


Fame: As the commander of the local Freedom Brigade, the Flagbearer is very well known about San Angeles - which can lead to complications from fans trying to get close to him, the media wanting to get interviews and quotes, and of course the danger of both stalkers and those who dislike him. It makes keeping a secret identity difficult!

Secret Identity: Timothy is not openly known as the Flagbearer, and that information is actually considered to be secret by the government. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't reveal his identity to the world! Combined with the amount of fame he has given his position, it can make keeping this secret very difficult.

Responsibility: Unlike some heroes, the Flagbearer does this for a living; if there's a crisis, he has to respond, and the possibility of him being called up to do things he may not want to do is there. If a riot occured, he may be required to help suppress it for the city even if he agrees with the reason they're protesting, and he may be required to do bodyguard duty for public figures he dislikes. It's his duty.

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