Tabloids and Tentacles

Tabloids and Tentacles
Players: Rebecca and Heather
November 11th, 2010

Legal processes SUCK. They suck a lot. Especially when lawyers are involved. And then lines. And Forms-in-triplicate. And other people's lawyers. Et cetera, ad nauseum.

Nauseum is about where Becky's at with the whole process, and with long weeks behind her and more than likely more than a few still ahead of her, it's time for a Java stop. Giant sunglasses, stylish wardrobe, tabloid rag magazines — she's definitely in here to have her brain check out for a bit — "Super-Grande, por favor. Triple shot."

Heather looks up at the sound of your voice. She's ensconced on one of the couches, with her laptop and books for her grad school classes. She waves, "Hey, Rebecca. Join me?"

Giant cup of steamy caffeinated goodness in hand, Becky lifts her cup back in Heather's direction before heading over there herself. "Heather! Hey!" Setting her magazines and coffee down before seating herself and then pushing her glasses up onto her head, Becky lets out a deep sigh and smiles - "A friendly face. How's it going?"

Heather says, "Doing alright. Studying for finals already…" She smiles, "I am working on getting a master's in botany…"

"Good subject!" For a variety of reasons, not just the most obvious. "Are you finding it easier because of previous experience with it, or harder because of same? If I tried to go back to law school these days I think I'd end up in the -news-, and not in a good way!"

Heather says, "Oh, I'd say about half and half… my day job is with the Parks department… So the professors that are all theory drive me nuts, but the ones who are the hands on type, well… I have plenty of experience. My parents are farmers, actually. They have an organic farm in Georgia."

Rebecca makes an approving face, nodding a couple of times before finally deeming her coffee cooled enough to have some. "How IS your mom doing, by the way?"

Heather smiles a little sadly, "Tired… she doesn't take the cold weather as well as she used to. I'm actually going to visit her briefly over the holidays. How are things going for you?"

This time, Becky makes a less nice face. "There's ways I've been lucky, in that there have been people who have been willing to help me start untangle the legal mess my dad having me declared dead created, but it's all still a huge morass of red tape and suck. I'm looking into loopholes in order to get around some of the more difficult issues in the meantime."

Heather nods, "Wish I could help with that… Unfortunately, legal areas might as well be greek to me." She grins, "Or make that Russian, I'm fluent in Greek." She takes a sip from her bottled water, and saves what she's been writing on the computer. "I've been coming here to work… I don't really get anything accomplished at Colin's place…"

"It's nice enough," Becky agrees, "but it's a little distracting. It's really geared towards a whole other kind of work entirely."

Heather murmurs, "Well… there's also Rose." She looks down at her keyboard. "We've… been spending a lot of time talking. She's… really nice."

Rebecca aaaaaahs. "I see! … Sheesh, I'm the only one in our little group who's not going to hook up, aren't I?" She's teasing - mostly! - opening up her tabloid and starting to read the latest gossip. "Going to ask her out sometime?"

Heather says, "Well, it's not like she can go out… but I've been bringing her new music and listening to it with her." She grins, "It's kinda of an unusual situation. But I'm used to dealing with things like that."

Rebecca grins, "Amen to that, sister." And then suddenly her brow furrows. "I'm not going to get used to being Elvis, though." Flips open the magazine and holds it out, showing off the article with some picture someone got on a cell phone or something of her from a distance - grainy, but it's her. '80's Pop Star Hero's Ghost Haunts San Angeles?' is the questionable headline. "I'm gonna need to do something about this soon, it's going to start to get -stupid-."

Heather nods, "You're going to have to come out. But hun, if you're going to do it, YOU need to be the one who chooses when and how, and to do it with style." She laughs softly, "Sorry… Suddenly I felt like I was 18 again… I used almost the same words with a friend of mine back at Berekley.

Becky laughs. "God, that's hilarious! But you're right!" Tossing the magazine aside and leaning back in her seat, she starts to rub her hands together. "It DOES give me some ideas, though. I need to talk to Colin, deeeefinitely."

Heather grins impishly, "And Tiago. I'm debating taking my life and credit rating in my hands and letting him take me shopping."

"Oh, do it - you won't be sorry. He's totally capable of working within a budget!" Becky enthuses, gesturing at her light jacket - "40 percent off!"

Heather ooos softly, and grins. "Maybe the three of us could go? I have to admit, I've not done much clothing shopping… Mom made all our clothes growing up… and in college I was a jeans and t shirt girl."

Rebecca claps, "Oh, I'd love that! It'd be TOTALLY rad!" It takes her a second before she realizes 'Rad' is not the hip, young thing to say anymore. "Cool, I meant cool. It'd be cool." Cool is still okay to say, right? She's blushing now, and immediately buries her face in her coffee cup. Who was that horribly out of touch old lady who just said rad? Nobody!

Heather grins, "It would be totally cool." She takes a drink, and glances at the time. "I better get home… the little ones will be restless… oh! You haven't had a chance to meet them…" She grins, "My apartments just across the street… I'll show you what I'm doing in my free time these days."

"Sounds great," Becky agrees - with as much 'Oh my god get me out of here before I compare something to the Berlin Wall or call someone a Benedict Arnold' behind it as actual enthusiasm, and stands up to stretch while she waits for you to get your books and things together.
Heather slings her backpack up over her shoulder. "Come on… I don't have a lot of people over."

Heather leaves the coffee shop.
Heather has left.

===< Rowan Springs Apartments - 101 >-----——< #306 >===

The main living area is divided into three sections, half the space is a living room with sliding glass doors leading to the patio in the middle of the outside wall. A comfortable but somewhat battered brown sectional sofa is grouped around an entertainment center with a large screen TV. Her patio is filled with plants, the greenery almost hiding the view of the street outside.
The other half of the area is divided between a dining area and a small but efficiently designed kitchen complete with stove, fridge and dishwasher included. A small hall leads from the living room to a hall closet, linen closet, the bathroom and the bedroom. The walls are painted eggshell white, and the floors carpeted with a simple shag in light brown.

Heather 18s IC
Rebecca 0s OOC

Bedroom……………………<B> Out……………………….<O>


Most of the kitchen table is taken up by a large planter, inside of which are two rather odd plants. Shaped almost like pitcher plants, they have a ring of waving tentacles around the 'mouth' and thick, tentacle like roots the tops of which are just barely visable over the soul. When the door opens, they start making little chirping noises.

Heather grins as she heads into the kitchen. "Hey babies, mommy's home." She holds out a hand, and the little plants stroke her fingers with their tentacles, then quiet down. "I started them off of tissue left behind when a pair of heroes attacked a plant monster."

Rebecca is visibly impressed, "If that's your thesis project, your masters will DEFINITELY be a cinch." She shakes her head a bit, "I thought they were birds, from the chirping noises they made when we came in!"

Heather says, "No, this is my private life… my thesis is on the effects of meta-human battles on vegatation and micro-fauna."

Rebecca ahhs softly, "Mutagens and unnatural radiation and that sort of thing." She doesn't try to pet them or anything, but she does smile - "They're cute."

Heather says, "Yeah, they are. They've learned to make noise to attract my attention." She touches the soil, then sprinkles some powders on the soil and mists the planter. "The parent was a good 12 or 15 feet tall… and starving. I had taken control if it and had the situation under control… it needed more calcium and iron… when the heroes attacked it and I lost control.""

Rebecca nods a little. "I'll admit, my experience with living plants has pretty much solely been of they 'They're trying to kill me' variety…" She's not gonna finish that thought, not out loud anyway. "Do you feed them meatballs, like Cleopatra?"

Heather grins, "So far, they've done ok one the few bugs that attack the plants on my porch… they react to aphids like a five year old given popcorn." She gestures to the apartment. "It's small, but it's mine. And if you ever need a place to sleep, let me know. I don't sleep, so the bed's unused."

Rebecca smiles. "Thanks - always good to have a list of places people are willing to let you hole up if need be. Hopefully I'll have my own place soon and it won't be an issue, but I definitely appreciate it."


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