Real Name: Susan Irene Cooper
Aliases: Susan Cooper
Identity: Uncertain
Occupation: Marine Biologist, Ecoterrorist
Citizenship: USA
Education: Doctoral
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Date of Birth: 4/07/1978
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None


Susan Irene Cooper had a bright career as a brilliant genetic researcher, but things went horribly wrong. After making several impressive discoveries, Dr. Cooper was invited to work on a project designed to create artificial life forms that could survive in the depths of the ocean, to use as scouts and data acqusition tools. The reasoning was that most machines were too vulnerable to the mammoth pressures but there were fish that thrived down on the deep sea floors.

As she worked on the project, Dr. Cooper became more and more radical in her beliefs that Man was ruining his environment, and here she was helping him to push into a realm that was heretofor only accessable by a very few. She quietly began to broaden her experimental reach, until she was able to take the pressure-resistant lifeform templates and graft those onto a human subject. She saw herself as a crusader for the ocean, and she implanted the nanovirus in herself after several illegal human trials. Her illegal experiments were discovered by her colleagues, but it was too late: she gained amazing powers over water as well as becoming a quasi-aquatic creature that was best suited for the blackest depths. The other scientists covered up her involvement lest it taint their project and they lose funding, which meant letting Dr. Cooper go. Speculation is strong that the inhuman template has helped warp her mind and push her extreme beliefs almost into the realm of madness. Certainly she is very obsessed with her goals.

She re-emerged months later at a high-society yacht party, where she used her hypnotic song on the crew and partygoers to get them to hand over their cash and jewelry. She was thwarted by a pair of costumed heroes, and since then she's battled many different heroes when they tried to stop her plans. She usually either tries to acquire technology, or money to buy what tech she cannot steal. She's been linked with several extremist ecological groups but her delusional state of mind prevents her from working with any group for very long. At best she'll make use of them and then discard them as soon as they've got her what she wants. So far she's not tried anything like, say, submerging the West Coast, but some say that's just a matter of time. She's not a killer per se, but she won't hesitate to use deadly force to escape, or put hostages or innocents in danger.

Use: Siren is your classic comic-book villain: driven to crime because she's ruled by her personal obsessions. Think of her as a combination of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Driven, crazy, and passionate.

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Real Name: Susan Cooper
Aliases: Siren
Age: 32
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 112
Known Relatives: None

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