Real Name: Tara Ophelia Tanner
Aliases: None
Identity: Publicly known to be a super, not known to be Scimitar
Occupation: CEO/Owner Tanner Tech Innovations LLC
Citizenship: American Citizen with no criminal record
Education: Several doctorates
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Date of Birth: 22 April, AD 1993
Known Relatives: Dr Roger Alan Tanner (Father, Deceased), RN Elspeth Regina Tanner (Mother, Deceased), Donovan Walters (Foster Father, Deceased)
Group Affiliation: No group affiliation


I was born rather abruptly approximately seventeen years ago. I remember it well, yes, I remember it…and believe me I wish I did not. The story goes like this — mom was a Nurse working at dad's office downtown. Dad was a neurologist and a pretty good one, but he also had a family practice and kept regular office hours. They were well enough off, though dad made a point of not being too rough on people if they had trouble paying, and this hurt his financials a lot. Mom apparently approved. Oh! My parent's names were Doctor Roger Tanner, and Registered Nurse Elspeth Tanner.

Things were going well enough I suppose, and then a freak accident took their lives and nearly mine while I was in utero. Mom was in her third trimester, I was slated to be born on March the third, but the accident changed all that. And me too.

Mom & Dad were locking up the offices for the day when a courier van carrying a shipment of highly experimental neuro chemicals en route to a medical research facility in Manhattan skipped the curb and crashed right near my folks. Naturally they immediately sought to offer medical assistance but only ended up getting lethal doses of the chemicals in question, the blend forming a highly toxic effluvium. Apparently there was a leak in one of the canisters and that led to the driver losing control. All three of them died within the time it took to get them clear of the chemicals, but the EMT on duty was good and found that I was still alive, though I was fading fast as my body fought the toxins and as my brain and neurophysiology was forever altered.

Raced to the nearest hospital, they managed to save my life by birthing me via Caesarian Section and prompt medical treatment. I remember emerging into the light, and the awful pain and chill before they sedated me and put me into an artificial womb for life support. They moved me to a secure facility used for those with active metagenes, though I was only the third infant they'd had to move, and the facilities were a little sub-optimal for natal care.

Ultimately I spent about three months there, enough time for them to stabilize me, and for the mutations to run their course. I was speaking by the time of my release, and reading at a college level before I could walk. Fostered by the very EMT that saved me, I lived with him for my formative years. I have to give Donovan credit, he never once faltered in looking out for my well being, and that's something I will never forget.

By 8 I had passed all the required equivalencies to have a high school degreee, by ten I had my first of many degrees. Donovan by this time was suffering from the event that spawned my vastly increased intellect, he had received micro doses of the chemicals that killed my parents, low enough concentrations that they went undetected until his autopsy when I was twelve.

I spent a year and a half in the foster system, moving literally every couple of months from family to family as they couldn't really cope with what I was. I can't blame them, I quite understand how unusual a child I was. When I turned thirteen I set the process in motion to request emancipated minor status, and six months later it was granted. Once I had that freedom I started working on building Tanner Consumer Electronics with monies from my inheritance. By the time I was fourteen the seed company had spun off several others, and I renamed it Tanner Tech Innovations.

My origins have always been pretty public but I'm an odd mix of recluse and social — I avoid the press, but I can't stand being alone. Fortunately I have two very social cats and an equally nuts dog for when I'm at home in my secret underground lair, yes, you heard me…I live in a secret underground lair. I had accidentally stumbled upon the remains of a golden age base probably belonging to some villain or other when I was experimenting with resonance detection. The base proved ideal, and after extensive purging and remodeling I built it to meet my needs, and even potentially the needs of other. You see, I wanted to be a superheroine.

Mom and Dad were heroic and altruistic to a fault, Donovan was selfless and courageous, they inspired me to seek to do more than make money and invent things. It seemed improbable in the extreme that intellect such as I had been gifted with should be used for my sole benefit, therefore it would behoove me to take more active measures. My company for example is very green, even the weapons division makes eco-safe weaponry. No biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. I always give generously to a great many charities, sponsor a lot of grants and so on, though I avoid the spotlight as much as I can.

It was while exploring my own brain structure and the peculiar emanations from it that I discovered that my brain was powered by Zero Point Energy, and from that I learned to extrapolate the liquid crystal matrix that is the heart of the Scimitar battlesuit. Due to a resonance between the matrix and my brain I'm the only one that can interface with the suit. By age fifteen I had my first prototype, and just over a year ago I made the Mark I Scimitar and have been using it to fight crime. Thankfully nobody has connected me to the armor as the pilot, though some have speculated that the crystalline warrior known as the Scimitar might have gotten her tech -from- me.

I think I'll try to keep a low profile for now, I'm sure that I'll need to make some upgrades, all I have to say is that I will do my best to help and protect my fellow man.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to offer much help during the disastrous California Tectonic Event, but I help out now, and have moved from New York to San Angeles full time.

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Real Name: Tara Ophelia Tanner
Aliases: Scimitar
Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Peacock Blue
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 91 Lbs.
Known Relatives: Dr Roger Alan Tanner (Father, Deceased), RN Elspeth Regina Tanner (Mother, Deceased), Donovan Walters (Foster Father, Deceased)

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