Rat Queen
Rat Queen
Real Name: Genjin Lee
Aliases: Mother of Rats
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Scavenger
Citizenship: American
Education: High School
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: December 7th, 1991
Known Relatives: Chun Lee (Father, deceased) and Mei Lee (Mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: None


Genjin Lee was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in its Chinatown. Her parents, Chun and Mei, were unable to have any more children so they doted on their only daughter. A pair of chefs, they owned an expensive restaurant on the edge of Chinatown called The Golden Pearl and lived in an apartment a few blocks away. There is more than one meaning for the last name Lee depending on the Chinese character being translated, and their name meant 'pear'. They hoped that naming their daughter Genjin, which meant 'Golden' would be a good omen for a lucky life and her following in their footsteps and taking over the restaurant.

Genjin, Jinjin to her friends, grew up something of a tomboy with many friends. After school she would do her homework in the back of her parents restaurant and then either stay there until the business closed in the evening, or go over to a friend's place. Her powers began to manifest around age 13, when she heard the little, scratchy thoughts of a friend's pet hamster. Even more surprising was when she first changed forms, shifting into a small brown mouse. She did little with her powers, however, other than keeping vermin out of her parent's restaurant. Her parents wanted her to be a chef, and she was afraid if her power was known it would ruin her career before it started. So she kept her powers a secret, and focused on being the perfect daughter her parents wanted. When she reached High School, she was bussed across town to a magnet school for the culinary arts. Genjin was in class, working at a gas range, when the Quake hit.

She woke several days later in a hospital in Arizona. Her left arm was badly burnt, her face and chest scared from shrapnel, and her parents were dead. It was three months before she was discharged with a face marred by scarring and an arm warped by scar tissue that therapy had just begun to stretch. The emotional damage ran far deeper, and therapy for that hadn't been provided by a hospital system stretched to its limits.

The foster home she was sent to specialized in special needs children, many of whom had mental or emotional problems. If it had been a loving, supporting environment then her life might have improved. Instead she was subject to constant beratement and reminders of how lucky she was to be there. Then one day she dropped a bowl due to her weak left hand, and was dragged into the basement and locked into a cage made of PVC pipe. Shifting to a mouse, she slipped out of the cage and snuck out through the walls. After placing a 911 call to make sure that their abuses would be discovered, Genjin headed back to Los Angeles, stowing away on trucks in mouse form.

She arrived back in Chinatown to find that instead of rebuilding the city was being covered over by the Earthquake-proof platforms of the new San Angeles. She joined the homeless scavengers hiding from workers, her mouse form and a growing number of rats giving her an advantage. She claimed the two blocks between where her apartment building once stood and the ruins of her parents' restaurant, using her rat hordes to drive out any gangs.

Genjin took to wearing cloak, gloves, and a rat-mask when she had to go out. Someone painted the image of a Rat-faced Virgin Mary on the north side of territory, and rumors about her began to spread. Some called her the Mother of Rats. Others called her the Rat Queen. Genjin had stopped caring what anyone human said or thought about her. To her rat minions, she was the closest they could imagine to God. She gave them safe nesting sites and food, and destroyed the cats and dogs that entered her territory. The rats brought her the bright stones, the gleaming metal bits, and the pieces of paper that she put images of into their tiny minds. Using the images she plucked from their minds she ventured out in mouse form, spying on the undercity and trading information.

Then other former residents began to move back into Chinatown in the undercity. Most of them were illegal immigrants from China, but some simply didn't have the resources to start again above. When the gangs tried to exploit her new neighbors, she found herself in an unexpected new role, that of protector. When an older couple wanted to open a restaurant below, she allowed them to use the site of her parents former restaurant. In return, they named the restaurant The Dragon and The Pearl and help her purchase the things she won't go above herself to get.

To most of her neighbors, however, the Rat Queen is more of a superstition than anything else. Residents are careful to use only live traps, as setting out poison bait or lethal traps is bad luck. Little good fortune statues of a mother rat with her babies are also popular.

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Real Name: Genjin Lee
Aliases: The Rat Queen, the Mother of Rats
Age: 18
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Known Relatives: Father: Chun Lee (deceased) Mother: Mei Lee (deceased)

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