Real Name: Aleksei Kozlov
Aliases: Proton
Identity: Secret
Occupation: High School Student
Citizenship: Permanent Status Pending
Education: High School
Birthplace: Balashikha (Балашиха), Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation
Date of Birth: May 1, 1994
Known Relatives: Sergey (Father), Fillyp 'Phillip' (Brother, age 12), Raisa (Mother), Helen (sister, 10), Vladislav (Uncle)
Group Affiliation: None yet



Dr. Leonid Kozlov (b. 1902, d. 1975) was a theoretical physicst who was part of the first team to investigate The Stranger. He noted several anomalies in the immediate area even with the limited instruments available at the time, but ultimately gained only limited recognition for the papers that came out of the expedition's work. While there, he did find a small outcropping of brightly 'painted' rock that he felt had been changed by The Stranger's passage into our atmosphere, but tests yielded nothing. The stone showed no ill effects so he tapped off a piece and sent it to his grandson. Later on, he was a frequent consultant to the Soviet regime's attempts to deal with metahumans but a political mistep saw him exiled to a Siberian work camp. Many years after Stalin's death, he was released. He left his apartments only a handfull of times between his release and death; one thing he did was reclaim the starstone he'd sent to Sergey and try to divine it's secrets with newer instruments, but again to no avail.


After Leonid's death, all his personal effects came to Sergey (who had taken after him and entered academia) who promptly put most of them into storage. Once Sergey became convinced his family's life was in danger, he obtained a visa to work in America and moved them to San Angeles. Aleksei ran across his great-grandfather's things while packed the boxes in the attic, and he found the 'Strangerstone' as Leonid had termed it. He had a hole drilled in it and took to wearing the small bright orange stone as curiosity; he was a shy boy and now had to adjust not only to a new school but to a new country - it was a good conversation piece.

Several months after moving in, Aleksei stopped off at the bank after school to get some papers his mother needed to sign. While there, robbers burst in and took everyone hostage. They shot one person at random, the woman right behind Aleksei in line, to show they meant business. Aleksei was in fear for his life and wanted nothing more than one of the American superheroes to burst in and save them … there was a bright flash of light and suddenly he was older, in a costume, and power surged through him. He took on the surprised robbers and saved the bank, then flew away to try and figure out what happened. When he calmed down, he changed back. Weeks of experimentation followed, and he found that in highly stressful situations, he could change into what appeared to be nothing less than an older, more 'perfect' version of himself — the Stone seems to respond to thoughts and emotions. Sometimes he feels it grow warm or cold against his skin, but he has no idea why. More work with the stone let him change more or less at will, though he still finds it difficult to change when he's really calm and much easier to change when he's agitated - he knows that being stressed enough will cause the change irregardless. So far, he's managed to keep his secret from his family, lest he either put them in danger or they demand he hand over the Stone.

Unknown to Aleksei, the Stone reacts badly to other parts of itself. If he were to encounter another fragment of the Stone while in his powered state, it would drain his powers and cause him intense pain as the two fields reacted with each other; exposure for more than a few seconds and both fields would collapse and cause him to change back to Aleksei. He wouldn't be able to change back until he was several dozen feet away from the other stone. Even as Aleksei, the presence of another fragment would cause intense headaches, nosebleeds, etc.


Aleksei's father has a PhD in Physics and Astronomy, and teaches at the University of California at San Angeles (UCSA). He was the Chair of Physics at Moscow University, but gave up the position and immigrated to America when his brother Vladislav (who is deep in the Russian Mafia) tried to strongarm him into using his influence in awarding certain University contracts to organizations used to launder Izmaylovskaya gang monies. When his family was threatened, Sergey simply arranged for a transfer and made it look like he had no choice. He's not in a position to help the gang now, but he knows it's just a matter of time before Vladislav comes knocking at his door again. He is currently in the US on a preferred visa for highly-skilled educational personnel, and it working on finalizing the immigration process.

Raisa is a traditional homemaker now though she was a star athlete in school; an injury forced her out of Olympic training, and she concentrated on economic studies after that. She is active in several University committes and clubs, and hosts wonderful dinner parties for her husband and colleagues.

The siblings are a thorn in Aleksei's side. Both of them inherited their father's brilliance, which seems to have passed over Aleksei. Fillyp is a budding hacker who has so far avoided real trouble and little Helen is in a local program for gifted students.

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Real Name: Aleksei 'Alex' Kozlov
Aliases: Proton
Age: 15 (Aleksei) 18 (Apparent, Proton)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5" (Aleksei) 6'1" (Proton)
Weight: 110 (Aleksei) 200 (Proton)
Known Relatives:

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