Mall Meeting

Log Date: 8/13/2009
Emitter: None
Participants: Aleksei, Diana, Linus
Summary: Chance meeting at the mall.

At least no one's bugged him yet.

Linus, in the mid afternoon of one of the waning days of summer, has been sitting in one spot in the mall for the past half hour. And for him, he's surprised he's standing still. Or sitting still, at least. He's been nursing his kiosk-bought fruit punch as he sits on one of the edges of one of the huge planters in the mall. There are benches nearby, but Linus isn' near those, feet dangling over the edge, a few feet off the ground.

Aleksei could be mistaken for one of the Goth kids peppered around the mall except for his lack of black nail polish or sullen attitude. He's at the mall doing his requisite back-to-school shopping, so he's got at least one big bag of various supplies, and another with clothes. Ew. So, he's looking at a list and not really paying much attention between juggling the bags and pushing his glasses up on his nose. He rounds the planter and promptly hits one of Linus' feet, prompting him to trip over his own big feet and sprawl there on his back. "Oh, um, pardon," he says with a sheepish grin and sharp, distinct foriegn accent. His glasses are like a foot to one side, and he gropes for them while looking up at what he hopes is not a Confrontation.

Diana comes in from Market Row.

Diana has arrived.

For his part, Linus at least tried to move his foot out of the way, but his eyes were elsewhere, and he didn't notice the short kid bump into him until it's too late. The young-looking guy gives a start, and looks down. "No no," he says. "I shouldn't be sitting here anyway." None of the security guards have harassed him yet, at least. He leaves his drink on the edge of the planter before shoving himself off. "Totally my fault." Ack, he's knocking down kids smaller than him anyway; Linus guilts inside his head about it as he reaches a hand to Aleksei. "C'mon."

Linus is standing near one of those huge planters in the mall, and there's a dark-haired boy lying on his back with some scattered bags closeby.

Aleksei smiles, nods to Linus. "Is no, is my fault, not lookink," the smaller boy says, taking the offered hand and standing up amid his somewhat scattered purchases. "Sorry, I need to be finding my glasses," he says, going to one knee, missing breaking the lenses by thaaat much. "I am blind as bat," he says, a little smile playing across his thin lips.

"Wait," Linus said, holding up a hand do neither of them move. He looks down, and tries to chill out a bit. "Wait, I saw them fall, and they…" He looks, sliding his sneakers with a squeak so he doesn't step and break something. "There! Don't move. Your left knee…about a few inches to the right. Wait, that's my right, your left. My other right…"

Diana is wandering through the center curious, as she returns looking for that girl who said she'd feed her. She's rather hungry again, having not had much to eat in the past few days, but she comes across the few people on the floor as she walks through and she stands there, watching curiously.

Aleksei ooos and gropes with one hand, finally finding the wireframes and putting them back on. He looks up and ohs at Linus, then manages to gather his gear and stuff them in the appropriate bags. "Thank you; have all this stuff for the John Hughes school," he says, holding up one bag. His word choices still stumble a bit and his accent is thick, but his overall English is quite good. He pushes hair out of his eyes, glancing sheepishly around. His eyes alight on the nearby Goth girl, his pupils getting considerably bigger, before he looks back to Linus.

"Hughes?" This gets Linus' attention right quick. "What year?" He sounds like he knows of the school. Mostly because he goes to it, like most of his friends, the circle of which has widened a bit in the last month. Bizarre. He crouches a bit to pick up one of the bags to hand to Aleksei. "I'm Linus," he says, introducing himself, as he follows the other kid's gaze to the girl. He looks to Diana, then back to Aleksei. "Hmm?"

Diana stares a moment and says, "Is everything alright?" She looms, staring unblinking, her pale expression one of curiosity and bewilderment. "You seem to be floundering on the floor. Is this a new dance or something?" She seems genuine in her question/

Aleksei shakes his head as the girl comes over and speaks, his own eyes looking a bit owlish thanks to the glasses. "Ah, nyet, is just me falling down," he says, "I am a little clumsy." He nods quickly to Linus. "2014," he says, putting him a year behind Linus. "I still need the things for the gym," he says, consulting the list and sighing. "Am not looking forward to that." He looks back to the girl, nervous and feeling totally awkward.

"It's the 'apologizing for knocking someone down' apology dance," Linus says, almost a reflex, as he turns to he can look at the two others. "I was being clumsy, and helping this kid here who seems to be from somewhere in Russia and is graduating like two years after I will, be from the same school." He puts on an easy smile. "Gym? Rule one: Learn to outrun the others. Rule Two: When in doubt, check rule one."

Diana ahhhs and offers a smile, "Good, glad to see no one was hurt. Russia? Where's that?" She tilts her head, "The name sounds real familiar, but I really don't remember where it is on the map." She tilts her head as Aleksei looks at her and says "Do I make you nervous?"

Aleksei flashes a bright smile at Linus when the older boy mentions 'the rules' - finally a kindred soul! "Um, dah, we move here from Moscow a few months ago. My father, he is professor at UCSA. I am still, ah, adjusting." He blushes at Diana. "Ah, um, nyet, I mean no, I mean, um, I was at all-boys school before, it is.. um, adjustment." He's going to wear that word out.

Inside Linus' there's a little blackboard where a small version of Linus is writing 'I will not say 'you lucky bastard' to the Russian kid.' He does give an understanding nod, at least. "You know? Every year in school's an adjustment. Yours is just bigger than mine." He watches the girl with curiousity; though he doesn't ask questions at the moment. Arcane might seek answers, later. "No need to be nervous," he says, and extends a hand towards Diana. "Linus."

Diana looks at the offered hand and says "Diana," before she shakes it, her hand cold to the touch, there's no body warmth at all. "I am not nervous. I'm never nervous." She tilts her head, "Where is this school you are both going to? And is it all boys? I imagine that must make you all as nervous as this man here."

Aleksei blushes when he realizes he's forgotten to give his name. "Aleksei," he says. "Ah, no, is normal school here I think." He gives the location, and takes Diana's hand after Linus; he blinks at the feel but hey, she could have been just having a cold drink or something.

"Nice to meet you, Diana, Aleksei," Linus says, even as his brain starts filing information for later on. Though, Linus doesn't exactly have anyone to bounce his thoughts off of, these days. He's not going to tell his gaming group, for instance. They're a bit pissed at him due to recent events. "It's co-ed. Normal high school, far as I know."

Diana nods and smiles and stares. She just stares, as her ability to hold a conversation has severely diminished over the…months? years? Over a long period of time. She pauses and then thinks, and says, "Do either of you know a girl named Leigh? She said she would feed me."

Aleksei blinks. He's heard about the droves of homeless people in America. Maybe she's one? "I.. um, no, no I do not. There is, um, hamburger place over there.. if you want something to eat. I could, um, eat, myself." He looks to Linus, looking like he's in water over his head.

"Leigh? If it's the same one I know…and that's an outside chance," Linus says, and draws his brows together as Diana speaks. "I haven't seen her, but I can help out…" He digs a ten out of his pocket, just as his cel beeps. "Ah, damn," he says, raising a single finger while he takes the call. As he talks on the phone, his shoulders slump, and he says something quietly and nods. He hands the ten to Diana, and looks embarassed. "My folks're out front. I gotta go. But yeah, don't worry about the food stuff. "

Diana hmms and nods and says, "Thank you for your time, it was enjoyable to watch you roll about the floor." She nods and looks at Aleksei, and says, "Is there meat there? I only enjoy fresh meat." She nods and eyes the hallways ravenously. Including what looks like some of the people.

Aleksei ohs and waves to Linus. "I see you at school perhaps?" he says as the older boy takes off. He looks to Diana. "If they are like places back ho- in Russia, then they cook it how you like it, yes? Is hamburger place, yes?"

Diana hmms and says, "I don't like cooked meat. I only…" she stops herself and says, "Umm, maybe I shouldn't go. I tend to make many people…upset when I eat." She frowns, remembering the last meal she had in public.

Aleksei swallows, trying to follow the implication there and not liking where it leads. Linus gave her money already, so… "Perhaps, um, not. There is Krogers store, there, that sells meat that is um not cooked," he says, pointing helpfully to the grocery store icon at the end of one arm of the mall. He gathers his purchases and smiles at Diana. "It was good meeting you, Diana," he says, as he gets ready to go.

Diana hmms and says, "Will this be enough?" she says holding up the ten. "I prefer raw steak, anything with red in it. Is this enough for that?" She tilts her head, and says, "Will you not join me…for dinner?"

Aleksei nods his head, raven hair flopping into his eyes for a second until he pushes it back up. "Dah, it should be enough for steak, or such. I, um, cannot," he says, holding up his bags. "My parents, too, they expect me soon and I need to catch train for home."

Diana nods and says, with a faint airless sigh, "I understand." She pauses and looks around for a moment and says, "Umm…which way was it again?" She distinctly looks like she doesn't remember where the store Aleksei just mentioned is.

Aleksei points down the arm of the mall, then looks back to the girl. "I can walk you there, if you like?" he says.

Diana nods and says, "That would be wonderful. I get lost so easily these days. Thank you." She offers a smile, and follows in a hurry, hungry for more to eat.

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