Liberty Belle
Liberty Belle
Real Name: Justice Jones
Aliases: Joyce, Janice, Jerry — Jones, Jamison, Johnson
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Freedom Brigade, Lawyer
Citizenship: United States
Education: Harvard Law
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Date of Birth: Feb 14, 1979
Known Relatives: James Jones (Deceased - Father), Janice Jones (Deceased - Mother)
Group Affiliation: Freedom Brigade


There are people in the world who have it all, money, looks, intelligence and an innate sense of loyalty, kindness and compassion for others. Justice Jones was fortunate enough to be born one of those people.Her father, James Jones, a decorated officer in the United States army and known philanthropist and her mother, Janice Jones were both, sadly, taken from her during the earthquake that rocked California in 2006.

Born on Feb 14, 1979 and raised to one San Francisco's wealthier families, one would have expected Justice to be the typical spoiled brat. Fortunately, her parents worked diligently to instill a sense of obligation to her country and her peers in thier daughter. Before Justice was walking she was attending charity events with her mother. As a toddler, she delighted in joining her parents in volunteering at local soup kitchens. She was, even as a small child, an undeniably remarkable. This fact, no doubt to the dismay of her peers, continued to be true throughout her teenaged years and onward into the present. Straight A's, track and field, softball and gymnastics… she participated in them all while still finding time to continue her mother's habit of volunteer work. Graduating high school at the top of her class, Justice was fortunate enough to be awarded both scholastic and athletic scholarships and gain entrance into her college of choice.

Despite the fact that the best colleges in the country were vying for her attendance, Justice Jones was determined to follow in her father's footsteps and join the United States Army. Enlisting in the delayed entry program, Justice attended Harvard Law and, again, graduating Magna cum Laude, proudly prepared to take her place amongst the judge advocate general's staff. It was during her physical examination for the US Army, that it was discovered that Justice was more then merely an extremely fortunate young woman. Stronger, faster, smarter then they had previously believed, it became clear that the lovely Lt. Jones was a breed apart from her peers. Tests, tests, and still more tests took up the majority of her first two years of military service. Rather then rebel, or protest, Justice applied herself diligently to each new challenge, determined to use what ever abilities she possessed for the good of her fellow man and in defense of her country. Eventually Justice found herself assigned to the 1st Metahuman brigade, diligently serving her country with the abilities she had been given.

It was in the wake of the earthquake that devastated California, and took the lives of her parents, that Justice Jones took the option to leave the military and turn her attention to serving on the Freedom Brigade as Liberty Belle.

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Real Name: Justice Jones
Aliases: Joyce, Janice, Jerry — Jones, Jamison, Johnson
Age: 30
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10
Weight: 135
Known Relatives: James Jones (Deceased - Father), Janice Jones (Deceased - Mother)

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