Jai Da Wu

Ownership: (Staff)

A rare candid shot of Mr. Wu

Public Criminal Profile

Codename: The Immortal
Real Name: Jai Da Wu
Group Affiliation Crimelord of China Underground
Current Status: At Large
Distinctive Traits:

Known Background: The Immortal is head of China Underground's Tongs, and almost unknown in the upper world. Long a power in illegal immigration, he used the emergence of the Undercity to spread out into protection, gambling, fencing stolen goods, and drug running. He does not permit the sale of any drugs in China Underground, however. Any crime in China Underground not authorized by him is likely to be punished. China Underground's businesses send 'gifts' of protection money to the Immortal, and in return the Tongs police the streets and keep out other gangs.

Mr Wu is a respected businessman who runs a large restaurant supply company that supplies most Chinese restaurants in the US.

Known Abilities: The Immortal has been shot, stabbed, blown up, and poisoned. Nothing has kept him down for more than a week. In China Underground he is believed to be truly immortal.

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