Real Name: Robert Hayes "Bobby" Gray
Aliases: Blue Sentinel I (no longer active)
Identity: Secret; known to federal authorities
Occupation: Mechanic
Citizenship: U.S. citizen with no criminal record; 5 years of personal and work history classified
Education: High school; trade school (Marine Corps Gas Engine Mechanic/Combat Rifleman schools)
Birthplace: Portland, OR
Date of Birth: September 21, 1982
Known Relatives: Thomas Gray (father); Helen Gray nee Hayes (mother); Elizabeth "Ellie" Gray (older sister)
Group Affiliation: No present group affiliation


Bobby Gray had a promising future. An athletic and academic standout in school, he discovered that he also had a strange charisma that influenced those around him. When government recruiters showed up at his high school graduation, promising college tuition, pay, benefits, and the opportunity to serve his country, he jumped at the chance, and became the first Blue Sentinel.

Unfortunately, after five years of distinguished and valorous service, Bobby was quietly drummed out. As leader of the team, he knew they were all suffering from cabin fever, and thought a night on the town disguised as civilians could help. He couldn't have predicted that their car would get hit by a drunk driver, or that his first love would die in the collision, costing the team its first Red Sentinel. All he knew was that Kari was gone, and that he didn't want to be a HyperSentinel® any more than the government wanted him. Maybe that's why he told them he'd been driving instead of her.

He could not go home to face his family. He had lost his clearance, so the hoped-for desk job with the Department (to say nothing of the dreamed-of transfer to the Freedom Brigade) disappeared. College no longer felt like a possibility. With the past five years of his life classified and filed away, he did not think he could possibly relate to civilians just out of high school. Using his charm, diplomacy, and the last bit of his will, Gray managed to get permission from his former handlers to enlist in the Marine Corps, training as a mechanic so he would at least have a trade. He found that he enjoyed making things fit together. He earned a reputation for efficiency, but reprimands for his lack of respect for authority. When his hitch was up, he found himself restless despite serving a year in Iraq rebuilding HumVees, and he left the Corps for the streets of San Angeles.

Unable to shake the need to fight for justice, he crafted his own armor: the mantle of the Inquisitor. He now prowls the alleyways, striking fear into the hearts of criminals.

While he no longer has most of the powerful experimental gear and cybernetic implants of his HyperSentinel® career, he does have his psionic ability. Additionally, the government could not take out some of his implants, so he retains his enhanced reflexes and memory, even if his cortical Internet connection no longer works.

Now if he could just get the HUD in his right eye to quit blinking "12:00"…

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Real Name: Robert Hayes "Bobby" Gray
Aliases: Blue Sentinel (no longer active)
Age: 27
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Dark Green
Height: 185 cm/6' 1"
Weight: 100 kg/220 lb
Known Relatives: Thomas Gray (father); Helen Gray nee Hayes (mother); Elizabeth "Ellie" Gray (older sister)

Appearance and Personality

Hayes is a tall, ruggedly handsome adult male with a blue-collar edge. He shaves most days, unless he doesn't feel like it. His clothing tends toward t-shirts, jeans, and sweats. He spends most of his time with either tools or weights in his hands.

As Inquisitor, he wears a slightly bulky form-fitting suit of armor coated in anodized charcoal grey matte paint with navy blue and muted gold trim, black gauntlets, a black mantle of segmented laminar polycarbonates and polymers, a navy blue cowl, and muted gold goggles.

The Inquisitor armor he has fabricated takes advantage of years of training with the HyperSentinels® and years of experience as a mechanic. He has tailored the suit to his own body to the point where it acts like a second skin despite its slight bulk. Since the temperate weather of San Angeles does not lend itself to wearing effective body armor under clothing, he generally keeps several copies hidden where he might need them. Anyone trying to wear it without his enhanced dexterity would likely find it awkward; additionally, he keeps all field-ready copies of his mantle, cowl, and goggles either on his person or in his lab. Together, these facts strictly limit the possibility of someone misusing his armor or secret identity.

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