A certain hawkish faction of the federal government has consistently lobbied to re-form the Freedom Brigade under their watchful eye. With the events of September 11, 2001, those hawks finally got their wish, at a terrible price. To help foster a positive image of powers in the public eye, however, a second fledgling group also started operating as a minor-league training squad, technically attached to the U.S. Marshals Service, equipped by DARPA, and funded via buried amendments to unrelated legislation: The HyperSentinels®.

The Department recruits young powers and trains them in the use of their abilities while shielding their true identities from the public. While the teenagers are separated from their families during their service, and required to follow strict rules and orders, they are also well-compensated; they also have relatively powerful security clearances and access to a wide variety of very useful and expensive gadgetry, vehicles, and even cybernetic enhancements.

The HyperSentinels® operate in public, clad in very familiar color-coded form-fitting armor. The suits provide a great deal of protection, and can be configured to enhance the wearers' physical attributes: strength, speed, senses—the works.

Typically, HyperSentinels® "graduate" to training and consultative roles, though if the combination of their powers, operational experience, and judgment goes well enough, they can become part of the Freedom Brigade.

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