Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Nathan Black, Eight, HOUND-8
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Vigilante
Citizenship: Unknown
Education: Private
Birthplace: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown (Approx. 1992)
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Solo


He can remember his early life only in brief flashes - trees, a dog, loving parents whose faces he can't remember, a big, old house. Then fire, fire that stripped all that away to be replaced by the gloved hands of the men who took him from that fire and brought him far away.

It was the mutants that destroyed his family, they told him once he was old enough to understand. Mutants, freaks, monsters that would destroy the world. They told him that he had a gift, God-given, that he could find them wherever they were so that they could destroy him. They told him that he would be their Hound, to track them down and avenge his parents, and the parents of so many others who had suffered. He was young; his parents were dead. He never thought to question the truth of their words, their motives… or even who they were.

So they taught him, and they taught him well. He learned the ways of ninjutsu, of the invisible warrior, of how to track down his prey and lead his Handlers to their doorstep without ever being seen. Then there was the disaster that destroyed the west coast - which they showed him in detail, every video and photograph that showed the horror of it all, making sure nothing that showed a metahuman doing something heroic was included. It fanned the flames of his anger and hatred, and they decided it was time to field-test their Hound.

The operation went off flawlessly… at first. They suspected the presence of a psychic in a school in Oregon, and they set him loose. Before long, he'd felt the boy using his powers, identified him concretely as a metahuman, and tracked him to his home. He was meant to stand back and let the combat team go in, but he wanted to get revenge himself, for his parents, for all those who died in California. So he in went through the window while the boy was asleep, landing atop him and reaching back for a killing strike—

—and the young, panicking telepath initiated a mindlink. Images, thoughts flooded in. This wasn't a monster - it was just a kid, terrified. The worst he'd done was cheat on some school exams. The knowledge of the heroes swept in as well, that most metahumans weren't bad, or evil. The only monster here was the Hound.

The realization set in just about the time a rifle's report spread the psychic's head across his own pillow.

The assault team never reported in after the operation, instead being reported in the news as a puzzling series of killings including a high school kid and a heavily armed team of unknown terrorists. Neither did the Hound return to his kennel.

Nathan - extrapolating a new name for himself based on the ID code he'd been given, HOUND-8, often called 'Eight' by his handlers - went to ground, hiding in the undercity of San Angeles and doing all he could to learn about the world he'd been sheltered from. He watched, and listened, and learned. Before long, he noticed the human predators in the undercity, preying on the weak. That was wrong. So he took up the mantle of a predator himself, but one which preyed on the other predators. A protector of the innocent.

Maybe he could make up for what he had done. And, one day, find out who the people were who had taken him…

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Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Nathan Black
Age: 18(?)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Silver
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167lbs
Known Relatives: Unknown


  • No Legal Identity - 'My… ID? Um… this may be a problem, officer.'
  • Bounty - The anti-metahuman organization that abducted and trained him have quite the bounty on his head, that may attract some takers…
  • Socially Inept - He doesn't know all the ins and outs of modern society and culture, and can be quite awkward - and make mistakes during social occasions.

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