High School NPCs

There have been a number of other students mentioned in scenes among the teenage characters, some of them multiple times. So, use and edit this page for reference or to add to it as more NPCs come up, or if a player wishes to throw them into a scene.

Subset: Linus' D&D group.

Occupation: High school Sophomore, bane of Leigh's existence.
Superlatives: Slimiest. Most like to get a restraining order before graduation.
Short description: Short, stout, pimply, dark hair and eyes. Dresses in jeans and T-shirts, usually unkempt, sometimes looks as if he could use some serious cleanup.
Personality: He's a nerd, he's picked on a lot, so this makes him believe he's entitled to whatever he wants, since Everyone Owes Him. He's not out for payback to those who bully him; he just wants what he wants and is prone to serious envy as a result. Linus has tried to curb his tunnel vision, with not much success.


Name: Anna-Jean Raymond
Occupation: High School Junior, Everygirl.
Superlatives: Most Congenial
Short Description: Black hair cut short in a bob, light brown eyes, around five-foot-one, nice smile.
Personality: Anna-Jean is not quite a geek, not really a jock or cheerleader, but she seems to float along being friendly to everyone. She's not a ditz or bubble-headed; she's known to have a sharp insight into other people. She might be one of the few who ignore the high school social heirarchy entirely, especially after admitting an interest in Larry Kim.


Name: Roy Brown
Occupation: High School Upperclassman, locker-stuffer, jock.
Superlatives: Most Athletic.
Short Description: Big, fit, popular, you name it.
Personality: Most people thing Roy's a big dumb jock. They're mostly right, but there's a certain method to his thinking (Leigh has referred to it as Neanderthalic), but it involves protecting his friends, and dealing directly with those that annoy/pester his friends, and dealing with the friends of those who pester in kind. Hence the bullying.

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