Title: Gifts
Date: September 24, 2010
Participants: Rebecca and Colin
What: Since her arrival in Back to the Future, Rebecca's been staying at Colin's tree base, the Redwood. He gets her a gift, and makes an offer.

===< The Redwood >---------—-< #300 >===

Inside the giant redwood, there is actually living space, and due to the size, there's a lot of room to go around. The main area is a parlor of sorts, with wooden-framed furniture grown out of the wooden floor, the upholstery on which seems to resemble thick leaves and petals, and are as comfortable as any cushion. There are monitors all over the place, as well as a large one in front of the furniture that resembles a television, save that the casing seems to be grown out of the same wood as the floors and furniture. Off to the right is a multi-monitored computer array, the interface and chair also grown out of the walls and floor. There are at least four doors that can be seen leading out of the main room, presumable to living facilities and amenities. The lights that dot the walls and the 30-foot high ceiling inside the tree are seemingly made of a soft phosphorescent fungus.

Colin 0s OOC



Rebecca has arrived.

"All right," Colin says. "I've gotten you some off the rack stuff…in the measurements you told me." Colin doesn't /dare/ question said measurements, what with having an unaged Eighties music star in his treehouse abode for the last few days. However, Colin has been a gracious host. Outside of 'don't go near the lab,' he's let Rebecca ask any and all questions she's desired. He even cooks. Normal meals, salads. Even the occasional take-out. His fridge is well-stocked. And his computer AI encourages him to get a life. Often. "One of our friends wants to work with you on some designs…because they'd be originals. He's nearly bouncing at the thought," he admits, with a bit of a goofy grin at the mental picture.

Becky looks over all the pile of new things, picking up a jacket here, eyeing a pair of pants there. Though the mention of 'originals' brings a gleam to her eyes that hasn't been there since before she read her father's book. "Oh man, I think that's the best news I've heard all day. I'm going to have to start appearing in public at SOME point, and looking fabulous while being declared 'living' will definitely be a plus."

Rebecca's mostly been trying to catch up on music, having ceded fashion to Colin because someone who's been out of the loop for 25 years has no right to an opinion on what looks good as far as she's concerned. And she's dutifully stayed out of the lab, though she's probably frustrated the AI a few times. She picks up a boldly patterned top, "Oooooh, I love these colors."

"The reveal to the public…considering you've been spending time here to get acclimated?" Colin is dressed…casually. Jeans, white T-shirt, both crisply pressed. "You have that as an advantage, to not be bowled over by any more changes the press might throw at you to try and trip you up." Clearly, he's been thinking about this. Becky's been away from Earth…as long as he's been alive. Well, he always figured being a superhero would involve strange occurances. But there are benefits. "You get to pick the time and place, direct it all at your liesure." He perks. "Oh! Look, I…wanted to give this as a present to you, as a friend." He pulls out a small bag, with the old 'Apple' computer logo on one side. The Apple 2e? Mid eighties.

When the logo still had stripes of color! The bag definitely has Becky's attention now - "Presents? Who doesn't love presents?" She picks up another top, this one a teal blue, with cutouts, while she waits for the reveal. "You didn't have to, though, you know - you've done so much for me already!"

"I like doing this," Colin replies. "Though people listening to me like I'm in charge when I'm grasping at straws trying to think is juuuust a bit disturbing." This was his idea, after all. "Besides, it's been interesting. I don't get a lost of visitors."

"Understatement." That would be Rose.

"You're a much less snarky guest," Colin adds smoothly. "I…kinda like people," he explains. As for what's inside the bag? A new iPod. Top of the line; he can afford it.

Another "OOOOOH!" Becky drops the clothes and just leaps forward and HUGS Colin! "Oh, THANK you! You've been the best friend EVER!" One arm around Colin, the other hand on her new iPod, she…. halts a moment. "Of course, you'll have to show me how to USE this thing — it can't be THAT complicated, I think there were more buttons on my Walkman, but still!"

"So, you and your designer friends need a spokesmodel or something? I'd be happy to help you out with that, I'm going to need SOME kind of work to do once I'm suitable for public consumption again — and if it helps make you guys some cash, it'll be like paying you back for some of it."

There's an 'oof!' as he's hugged all of a sudden. "Uh, sure, Becky. No problem. Kind of a warning. Tech these days has less buttons, but can do more. Yours? Holds about eight gigiabytes of music. A sixty-minute cassette? About a tenth of that. And that's being generous." He taps his chin at the other questions. "I don't know much about the fashion industry. My one friend is the expert, though be careful when you ask him because he'll completely go nuts." Which Colin finds he wants to see. He pauses for a moment. "What else did you have planned? After?"

"Beyond re-registering myself with the government, I hadn't really made any plans," Becky admits. "I mean, just getting declared alive is going to be a problem. As far as the United States is concerned, I've been legally dead for 15 years. As far as music and publicity and the rest of it… I don't know. I mean, there was a horrible movie about my life made based on that awful book, but it's a Cult hit — that ALONE is grounds for weird."

"You…haven't seen the viewings, have you," Colin asks. "Like, cult hit in costume rivalling Rocky Horror or Priscilla Queen of the Desert." The inventor puts some of the clothing bags on a nearby table, to free up some handspace for himself. "I've never been, but…" Seeing it with the Real Deal? Too intriguing to let that idea pass. "And, well, I think a few of us…well, Supers, we want to keep working together. I think they might want to; we all get along for the most part, and I've been patrolling with Spook already."

The oldie's turn to smile knowingly now. "You're asking me if I want to join a new Super-Team." Yes, she can read between the lines! "I accept! Lord knows I like the legitimacy, rather than trying to bust baddies on the side while I do something else. And from the looks of things that've happened in the world since I've been gone, maybe people won't give me so much shit for heroing AND entertaining in some way."

"We've made great strides in multitasking in the last twenty-five years. Besides, you have plenty of experience working with a group, and I think we'll need a lot of that." He's almost shot Spook by accident; than goodness for the latter's intangibility. Still, there's a grin at the acceptance of the offer. Someone said yes! Now he just has to ask the others who were involved when Rebecca came 'home.' "I've got enough room here if we need a base. Database, my lab…" He smiles. "Okay, lunch, and how about I show you how that thing works," he says, indicating her iPod.

"Sounds good to me — I'm so hungry I may not FIT into half of those things you brought home for me afterwards!" Of course, Becky's joking. Well, maybe. It's going to depend utterly on how much lunch there is.

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