Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Various
Identity: None
Occupation: None
Citizenship: None
Education: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: None


There's no set identity for Frostbite. All that is known is that he claims to be a malevolent Winter spirit, with aims to create a second Ice Age on Earth. He's also alternately claimed to be directly responsible for the first Ice Age, or at least had a hand in it. As a spirit, he interacts with the world by possessing bodies, and he only possesses human bodies that have died from cold exposure (his powers included). Said bodies are identifiable by missing fingers or toes, or purplish-black splotches on their skin indicating frostbite. His true origins, if they are different from what he claims, are unknown at this time.

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Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Frostbite
Age: Unknown
Hair: Varies; as per host body
Eyes: Varies; as per host body
Height: Varies; as per host body
Weight: Varies; as per host body
Known Relatives: Unknown

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