Real Name: Ashleigh Grove
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Model & Actress
Citizenship: US citizen with no criminal record.
Education: College graduate
Birthplace: San Simone, CA
Date of Birth: January 12, 1989
Known Relatives: Walter Grove, Father; Megan Wyatt-Grove, Mother; Richard Grove, Older Brother; Jenna Grove, Younger Sister (Deceased)
Group Affiliation: None


Ashleigh was born to Walter and Megan Grove prematurely and spent the first two months of her life in an incubator. She seemed healthy enough when finally allowed to go home but she was always prone to infections and her skin lacked much of the elasticity it should have had. As a result she always had to be careful, and literally went through phases as she grew in which she more or less molted, shedding her old skin as she outgrew it.

The Groves as a family were very close knit, however, and went to great lengths so that Ashleigh was actually pretty well adjusted despite her odd skin issues.

Walter was actually a low level metahuman with minor abilities of super strength and invulnerability who went by the code name Indomitable. When he was younger he even tried out for the First Metahuman Brigade, though he was one of the multitudes that washed out of the program. Still, he did his bit, he even fought crime at street level until he gave it all up upon getting married to the love of his life, Megan who he met and wooed after rescuing her from the clutches of Albanian slavers working in the States.

Moving away from his home town of Newark, New Jersey, Walter settled down in San Simone, California with his wife. In 1987 their first child was born. Named for Megan's father, Richard, Rich proved to be quite the athlete, though not a metahuman. Two years later Ashleigh was born, and two after that their last child Jenna. None of the children appeared to have any metahuman abilities, though Ashleigh's skin condition was something they considered a side effect of Walt's metahumanity.

Aside from her skin issues Ashleigh led a normal life up until her fifteenth birthday. Always a plain girl she started to really blossom at that time and it was then that her life changed dramatically. Her father it turned out had made many enemies during his career, and it was in 2004 that one such caught up with Indomitable. Knocked out, he woke up to the sight of his wife and children being tortured.

Indomitable went mad and broke free of his bonds to wreak bloody havoc on the attackers, alas that it was too late for Jenna, she died en route to the hospital. Calling in a few favors Walter made sure that the press didn't make a big deal of the event, and it was a while before life returned to normal for most of the family.

All was on the way back to normalcy except for Ashleigh.

The stress of the torture and other events triggered her latent metahuman abilities, and she spent the next few weeks a very sick young lady indeed as her body mutated. Her dad called a friend of his, a former teammate from the old days, a super scientist named Flare. He was able to figure out what was happening, and helped stabilize the girl. When all was said and done they learned that Ashleigh's body had taken on a rubbery quality that granted her incredible elasticity and the ability by will alone to alter her appearance. Further, due to her rubbery resilience they learned that she was impervious to any sort of impact, be it a punch, getting hit by a train, or crushed.

The next few years proved interesting as she learned how to use her powers. Ashleigh never forgot the price that her sister paid for dad's past, and she resolved that she'd use her new found abilities in the cause of justice and to protect her fellow man. After the quake devastated California she finished up her degrees in Fine Arts and Criminology. She had been training hard to master the arts of hand to hand combat even as she did the performing arts.

Having been modeling since she was sixteen she had contacts. Calls were made, favors called in, she started modeling and acting in earnest and her fame took off. As a model and actress she uses her mobility as cover for her real work - helping people.

Flexibelle is here to stay!

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Real Name: Ashleigh Grove
Aliases: None
Age: 21
Hair: Brown with gold highlights.
Eyes: Pale blue.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 107 lbs.
Known Relatives: Walter Grove, Father; Megan Wyatt-Grove, Mother; Richard Grove, Older Brother, Jenna Grove, Younger Sister (Deceased)

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