Real Name: Rebecca Sharp
Aliases: Becky, Flashback
Identity: Public
Occupation: Former Celebrity/Superhero
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Education: College Graduate
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Date of Birth: August 5, 1953
Known Relatives: Ricochet (Ex-Husband), Burton Sharp (Father)
Group Affiliation: {$Affiliation}


Once upon a time in the 50's, a little girl was born to a wealthy attorney and his beautiful wife. They lived in a big house on a hill by the sea, and had lots of fabulous parties — for the man's wife had been a relatively famous chanteuse and new many other rich and fabulous people. But their happiness was not to be forever-after - shortly after the birth, the attorney's beautiful wife missed the life she lead and left her husband and daughter without a word. Heartbroken and betrayed, the man raised his little girl to believe her mother had been killed in an accident.

Rebecca Sharp grew up well-off, well cared for, and loved. She did well in school, made friends easily, and was well-liked. But as society changed in the 60's, little things began to drive she and her father apart. Too young to be a hippy, Becky thought they were very strange and beautiful creatures — not seeing them as objects of scorn and rebellion as her father did. She expressed an early interest in singing - showing an aptitude early on - but was stymied by her father, who didn't want his little girl exposed to the world that had stolen his wife.

Becky always knew she was different - she was 9 years old before she realized no one else she knew could stare at the sun, and she NEVER saw spots after having her picture taken. But when her powers first manifested themselves at 14 in 1967, she kept them to herself — unsure of what to do with them, and being pressured by her father to perform in school, and with activity by the Midnight Army at home and the Freedom Brigade deployed abroad, Becky figured it was a secret worth keeping.

And so life went on — Becky finished high school at the top of her class, even went on a prestigious pre-law college in New York City to follow in her father's footsteps. Though out of his immediate supervision she decided to really try her hand at singing. Untrained, she showed enough raw promise that she was able to form a band called 'Secretary Spread' with a few guys from law school. They studied, they practiced - they got fairly big on campus. As the music scene changed around them, the band changed too - first focusing on protest/folk/political type stuff, they gradually went closer to more popular rock styling themselves after the Stones and Bowie. Becky LOVED college, and for all the extracurricular activities STILL managed to graduate Suma Cum Laude.

And that's when she broke it to her dad - deciding to seize life by the horns, she was going to pursue HER dreams in music, rather than his in law. And they had a HUGE falling out. He stopped speaking to her, and cut her off financially.

But Becky soldiered on — forming a new band after graduation wasn't difficult, and she decided to craft a performance identity. Like KISS, Becky decided she would create a distinctive look for herself to use while onstage, at least until she made it big enough to be able to dispense with it. She called herself Glitter, and used her powers liberally and with style during performances, since laser-light shows were getting so big anyway. Her 'trade secret' device, she kept details of how she pulled off her shows close to the vest. An agent heard her at a terrible nightclub, and liked what he heard and saw - and she started making it. She signed with a record company, released a few albums - she was only 24, and loving life. She was making it - she was gonna be a STAR!

Of course, life has a funny way of making totally different plans. As Becky grew more comfortable using her abilities during performances, she starting noticing more trouble on the streets. And after several years of working herself physically to be able to put on a heart-stopping show, and having a laser-pistol in her pointing finger, she started feeling guilty about not DOING anything with that. But it wasn't 'cool' to be a superhero — Freedom Brigade had been dissolved and costumed heroes were few and far between. Plus, it pretty much entailed having to work for The Man. But there'd be a mugging here, a bit of violence there — Becky couldn't just let it happen, and so she started doing something about it. Subtly at first, but it started happening during her shows, too. Once a budding Super Villain in funky armor attacked her in the middle of a performance at a particularly swank club the night she debuted her third album, and Becky had to duke it out with her ON STAGE — luckily the audience bought the hasty excuse that it was a planned event but went too far because wow this actor went crazy, but it bothered her.

And it bothered her enough to register with the Government. Having managed to skate by for three years doing heroing on the sly had worked its way against her conscience, and Becky just didn't want to take that risk anymore. So she registered Glitter as her heroic identity under the Stephen-Williams act — and the public turned on her. They didn't take her seriously, record sales tanked, and she pretty much ruined her music career — even though she was a good hero, it's difficult to consider a gamine disco star busting heads for justice. In 1982, with nowhere else to go and no money, Becky enlisted with the First Metahuman Brigade.

And it was FUN. Becky's spirits were lifted by the work, being able to make a legitimate difference, clashing with new friends against communist super-teams abroad and villains at home. Entertainment still ran in her blood - she was the team member most likely to grant an interview or an autograph, and the most willing to let her face be seen on camera. Because she was so friendly and affable - and kickass - she started to get some of that old popularity back.

And then it happened — she met the love of her life.

He had appeared out of nowhere in Russian territory - he looked a little weird, more like a rock star than a superhero, and he spoke perfect English. English English even, not American English. His name, as close as he could remember, was Ricochet — but he wasn't sure about it and he couldn't remember anything else. But he helped the Brigade take down a missile base and saved Glitter from a sniper shot by taking the blow himself. He survived, and she was a smitten kitten — Ricochet never officially joined the Brigade, but he palled around with them (mostly at Becky's insistence) for about a year. In bits and pieces, his memory would return - and by 1985 it had all come back to him. He had come from another dimension looking for help to overthrow the tyrannical regime; he was a genetically engineered super-soldier created to SPECIFICALLY inspire hope and strength in the downtrodden masses — he HAD to go back, had to finish what he started. What could Becky do BUT go with him — she wasn't going to lose him, and if he needed to go she was going to go with him.

But time works very strangely in Ricochet's home dimension, and the warlords there very powerful, and almost intrinsically entrenched. They would fight and lose and have to fall back - fight and win and gain ground. For a time, they even managed to feel that they'd won — Ricochet was elected President, Becky returned to performing and lavish parties. But then none of that seemed to have happened at all, and Ricochet was missing. He turned up months later, after Becky had left with a scout team to yet another dimension trying to find him and did - amnesiac. She loved him, she reminded him of their life together, and it would start all over.

After it happened three times, cyclically, Becky stopped trying to count. She got swept up in the constant drama of it all, forgot about her once normal life.

Until Ricochet stumbled once more to Earth, once more to Los Angeles — and Becky tracked him down. And something seemed ODD about the city, but she couldn't place her finger on it. But again she brought him back, but when they returned to what she'd begun unwittingly to think of as home, everything had changed. Everything was like it was when she had FIRST joined him, they had few supplies, few trustworthy allies, and Ricochet's memories were coming back differently. Becky hung in with it for a little while longer, but in the end - he wasn't the man she loved anymore. Whatever the Dimension's hold on her had been, it certainly didn't seem to want her now — and when Ricochet, practically like clockwork, lost his memory and vanished YET AGAIN, Becky decided to cut her losses and go HOME.

Except, apparently, she'd been gone for 25 years. And her hometown had fallen into the sea. And her Hero License expired. And her lawyer father had actually figured out who she was, written a tell-all book, and had turned all her old work into a second fortune for himself.

Life is grand.

RP Logs

Back to the Future - September 17th, 2010 - An impromptu gathering of supers shoot the breeze until Rebecca Sharp suddenly appears in their midst.
Gifts - September 24th, 2010 - Since her return, Rebecca's been staying at Colin's tree base, the Redwood. He gets her a gift, and makes an offer.
Tabloids and Tentacles - November 11th, 2010 - Rebecca meets up with Heather, expresses frustration over the legal process, and meets Heather's pets.
Agent Orange - March 3rd, 2011 - Rebecca's grumpy musing about the legal hells of coming back from the dead is interrupted by a psychotic villain! How rude!


Real Name: Rebecca Sharp
Aliases: Glitter, Flashback
Age: Pushing 60, but looks 30's
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Known Relatives: Ricochet (Ex-Husband), Burton Sharp (Father)

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