Real Name: Marty Gage
Aliases: Marty Smith, Marty Jones, others
Identity: Not much of one
Occupation: Runaway, petty thief
Citizenship: Nonexistent
Education: High School
Birthplace: Unknown
Date of Birth: Sometime in 1992
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None


As far as he knows, Martin is his given name. Everything else is up in the air by now, especially within the last six months.

His birthday, and the circumstances surrounding it, are also a mystery to him, other than he was born in 1992, so he ends up celebrating it on the first of the year just to be on the safe side.

In any case, the infant Martin was adopted by Jim and Marie Kowalski when he was about six months old through a small adoption agency, Canton and Canton, based out of Chicago. The Kowalskis were loving parents, even if he wasn't their natural child, and for the first five years of his life, Marty had a sembalance of a normal life. However, after that, things started to go wrong.

One day, Marty was pulled out of kindergarten by a man in a grey pinstripe suit and sunglasses, claiming to be from the adoption agency, to only be told he was going to a new home, and what happened to the Kowalskis was unrevealed. He was moved up to Great Falls, Michigan, to the Winslows, a lower class family with two kids of their own. Here, things were not as safe as they were with the Kowalskis, and Marty was treated poorly by his new family, and received a lot of scorn from his adopted siblings.

His stay with the Winslows amounted to three years, after which Marty developed into a sullen, private boy. One day, coming out of school, he was greeted by another man in a grey pinstripe suit, and told he was going to a new place. He ended up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and given to a Born-Again couple known as the Smiths. Here, he remained for a year before being moved again, this time to Baltimore, where the Jones family took him in as a Foster child. The Jones, and their two daughters, were kind to young Marty, but by this time he was getting freaked out by the sudden shifts in his life. He started doing poorly in school on purpose, and hanging with some bad crowds as he went into his teens. At this point, he didn't want to get attached to anyone lest he be taken away again.

This didn't quite work. When he was fifteen, Marty was moved one last time to Pittsburgh, to the middle aged couple of Christopher and Mary Gage. Always being childless, the Gages cared deeply for Marty and worked slowly to being him out of his shell. And it was starting to take effect too, until the day he was late for the bus to school, wishing he could catch up, and fell through a pale purple portal that appeared in front of him and dropped him off three miles away, in front of his school. By the time he got back home, the Gages were gone. The house was empty, and didn't even look lived in. Inside the house, Marty turned and found another man in a Grey Pinstripe suit. Instead of agreeing, Marty opened a portal and vanished.

The next months followed Marty as he lived off the streets, stealing foor with his powers so he wouldn't starve, and trying to retrace his steps. Every house he went to that he remembered he lived in ended in the same result; no one home, and no trace of them, and not even the neighbors remembered them. He finally decided to disappear once he found the offices of Canton and Canton, and encountered the same non-existence. Another man, one of the 'Guys in Suits' was there waiting for him, and he portaled out again.

This continued across the counrty over the last couple of years. Marty would find a city, hole up someplace quiet, steal food, and just when he was getting comfortable, the GiS would appear, and he'd run for it. Eventually, he ended up in the San Angeles metropolis, feeling that he could finally get lost in such a large area….

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Real Name: Marty Gage
Aliases: Dropout
Age: 18-ish
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Known Relatives: None

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