Doctor Kinetic
Doctor Kinetic
Real Name: Anton Andrew Anderson
Aliases: None
Identity: Publicly known
Occupation: Super Scientist & Hero
Citizenship: American citizen with no criminal record
Education: Multiple Doctorates
Birthplace: Furnace Creek, Nevada
Date of Birth: September 5, 1990
Known Relatives: Alexander (Father, 42), Alison (Mother, 41), Agnes(Older Sister, 22), Alexis (Twin Sister, 20), Aaron (Younger Brother, 18)
Group Affiliation: Citizen Patroller, not currently part of any group.


Begin Personnel File: Doctor Kinetic, aka Anton Andrew Anderson
Clearance Required: Alpha
Born 5 September, 1990 to parents Alexander and Alison, Anton is the third of four children in the Anderson family, his twin sister born first by seven minutes. According to Freedom Brigade files none of the other Andersons have any super powers though Alexis has shown extraordinary intuition and might possess intuitive powers rather than Anton's cognitive ones.

Anton's intellect is far beyond that of normal men, his IQ somewhere in the range of 308, though that is at best an approximation.

He made the Watch List when intelligence tests and academic pursuits placed him consistently in the top .1% of the nation and he demonstrated an understanding far beyond his age group. At age 9 he built his first circuit board, by 10 he had passed the GED with a perfect score. Enrolled at Cal Tech by 11, he dual majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, earning his doctorates in both in just two years due to placing out of the majority of his courses.

His powers of Force Manipulation manifested at the onset of puberty when he turned thirteen, and rather than hide what he could do he persuaded his parents to assist him with getting training through the Freedom Brigade with their permission.

Upon graduation he continued his studies, earning Doctorates in Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Physics, and Chemistry while turning his vast intellect towards building Applied Innovations LLC, his privately owned corporation. AI is a technology and robotics firm, and has bid successfully on numerous government contracts, including work for the HyperSentinels®, though their primary focus is industrial robotics and consumer electronics.

Upon reaching the age of majority he formally registered with the Freedom Brigade as Doctor Kinetic though he has never hidden the fact he was a Super, and is in fact something of a media darling for his heroic efforts and considerable charitable donations.

Omega Clearance required to proceed.
End Personnel File

Anton's entry at the AI LLC 'Who are we?' section of their Web Page
I've always been smarter than is probably good for me, or anyone else for that matter. My academic achievements are a matter of semi-public record, and it has never been a secret that I'm a Super, the cobalt blue hair and the peacock blue eyes were bad enough but when my pupils vanished and the sclera turned the same shade upon my powers manifesting that was as they say that. Oh…they glow too, but just a little.

I can't really say I've ever been all that normal, but I was very fortunate to have a family that supported and loved me even with all my quirks of personality. They did everything to encourage me, especially Alexis, she and I have always been close — I think she's probably the only one in the world that really understands me.

Maybe a little background on my family might be good here. My father Alexander is a Civil Engineer and a darn good one, he even helped out when the Supers rebuilt after the devastation of The Quake! I've always been very proud of that fact, and Dad has never made me feel he was jealous of my intellect, or that I'm a better engineer than he is. Quite the opposite, in fact, he has made no bones about being proud of my achievements. My Mom Alison is an artist of some small popularity, a painter who's works are actually featured in a few small galleries. She's really talented! Alexis has her knack for art, alas I'm all thumbs when it comes to such things, but we can't be good at everything, right?

My older sister Agnes works for the Law Firm Thibodeaux and Martins Associates based out of New York city, New York as a Legal Assistant, she is going to take the Bar next year, we're all very excited for her. The baby of the family is my kid brother Aaron. He's a good kid, though a little reckless, I wonder if I was ever that young sometimes. Yes, my lofty two years makes all the difference — well, that and my mutant brainmeats. He's the most athletic of all of us, he took third in the state for wrestling and got a sports scholarship at Angel University. He's no dummy though, he's majoring in Business and Mathematics. Maybe I'll hire him when he graduates!

The A Team as mom likes to call us is a very close knit crew, we have our ups and downs of course, it isn't like we're squabble proof, but when it comes down to it there's no questioning that we love each other and would do nearly anything for each other.

Not much else to say really, I cornered the market on placed credits to get my bevy of doctorates, and I worked as a contractor on several government projects, including doing some of the high end cybernetics for the HyperSentinels®.

When I was old enough I registered with the Freedom Brigade, it isn't like I wasn't known to be a Super, might as well do the right thing and register. Unfortunately the name I got stuck with was coined by the media, Doctor Kinetic…a little campy, but hey, whatever. Not much I can do about it now, right?

My heroic career has taken me all over the nation, often working with the Freedom Brigade or HyperSentinels®.

One thing I know bone deep - my powers are a gift. A precious gift that surely can't be for my sole benefit. Dad taught me that it was our responsibility as people, not merely as citizens of a nation, but as people to help make the world a better place. That concept is one of the core principles that guides our efforts at AI.

So I built a super suit and got to work fighting crime and protecting the innocent, and you know what? I love it. Even if I got stuck with a horrible super name.

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Real Name: Anton Andrew Anderson
Aliases: Doctor Kinetic
Age: 20
Hair: Cobalt Blue
Eyes: Peacock Blue
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Known Relatives: Alexander (Father, 42), Alison (Mother, 41), Agnes (Older Sister, 22), Alexis (Twin Sister, 20), Aaron (Younger Brother, 18)

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