Doctor Goliath
Doctor Goliath
Real Name: Antonio Gollari
Aliases: {$Aliases}
Identity: Public
Occupation: Crime Boss
Citizenship: USA
Education: Eclectic
Birthplace: San Angeles, CA
Date of Birth: 8/12/1980
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Italian Mafia


Antonio Gollari was a footsoldier for the Scarro Mob in old LA from the time he was 20. He ran errands, shot people, broke legs and in general did the grunt work of the organization like dozens of others just like him. Old Boss Scarro, though, he wanted more than just leg breakers. The capes were closing in on his legit businesses and they'd already made it too hot for him to operate most of his illegal businesses in the city. He needed an out. He brought in a group of rogue researchers (think AIM) to create powerful minions for him. Gollari had screwed up a job recently, so he was 'volunteered' for the experiment. When it was done, Gollari topped seven feet tall and was a four-foot-wide wall of solid muscle. The perfect minion!

Unfortunately for Scarro, there was an unanticipated side effect of all the extra glands and growth. Gollari's brain also increased in size and power, now supercharged by the experimental radiations and serums. Suddenly, he thought much more clearly than ever before. His memory was almost photographic, and he could read through an advanced textbook in under an hour and assimilate it all. Gollari was simply too smart to be a mere minion. He arranged for Scarro to be captured and then undermined the entire Scarro organization, purging it of people that were simply too loyal to the old boss. He did the city a good turn; he crippled the largest Italian Mafia organization in the city. But it was all part of his plan.

Gollari left to study on his own, feeding his tremendous thirst for knowledge and power. He built improvements to the serums, making himself as strong as even the mightiest of heroes and giving his skin treatments to make it almost bulletproof. A savage explosion from a failed experiment took his right arm. He built another, much improved arm, and incorporated several weapons systems into it.

Five years passed. The chaotic underworld of SA had engulphed the old Scarro mob, which split into several factions, each fighting the other or whatever supercriminal mob was in power at the time. All as Gollari had planned. Now, he's returning to pick up the scattered, fragmented pieces and weld them into a powerful organization again.

Use: Doctor Goliath is a major player in the 'normal' side of crime in the city. He's capable of fighting superheroes, but he's also brilliant. He's not super-scientist calibre - he won't be comng up with any Moon-based mind control lasers, but he will invent robot minions and new drugs and weapons and vehicles. Use him like The Kingpin, with a slant on technology, and with much greater brain power. His main goal: rule the underworld. Right now, he's gearing up for a gang war with the Russian Mob.

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Real Name: Antonio Gollari
Aliases: Doctor Goliath
Age: 30
Hair: Black
Eyes: BLue
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 450
Known Relatives: None

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