Real Name: Leigh Beverly Sunderland
Aliases: Daybreak
Identity: Secret (except for my bestest friends, and that cute guy on the track team, and…)
Occupation: High school student, aspiring pop idol
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Education: Some high school (through junior year)
Birthplace: Roseville, MN
Date of Birth: June 21, 1993
Known Relatives: David Sunderland (father), Jami (mother), Corey (younger brother)
Group Affiliation: None


My parents knew I was special from the day I was born. I mean, everybody's parents think their special, I know (except maybe Robbie Butler's parents, because, I mean, it's ROBBIE BUTLER, you know? His parents probably wished they could have taken back the last nine months and five minutes, because really, Robbie Butler). But my parents KNEW it. They had proof, because the second the lights went out… they didn't. Go out, I mean. The lights. The overhead ones did, but the room was still bright.

Because I was glowing.

They had some doctors and scientists check me out. I couldn't give you the details. They've been repeated to me over and over since I was a kid, but I tend to tune them out. Words like 'photosynthetic dermal cells' and 'light-dependency' and 'are you listening to me, Leigh Beverly Sunderland?!' They didn't need to give me all the sciencey stuff. The sciencey stuff is BORING. Besides, I get it.

Okay, I'll break it down for the Leigh-lingo-impaired.

1. I absorb energy. Stuff like what comes from the sun - light, heat, radiation.
2. I need that stuff to live. If I'm out of the sun, I get listless. If I'm stuck in the dark for a long time, I get sick. I could die if I didn't have some kind of light, even artificial, to keep me going. This is why I always carry a glow-stick on me. Just in case.
3. I can't go out at night because somebody might figure out 'hey, that chick glows'. Uh, duh, right?

Number three? TOTALLY blows.

But I figured out the bennies pretty early on. Like, say, I can fly. Flying: totally awesome. I'm not supposed to tell anybody, of course (blah, blah, important secret, wrong hands, blah, blah), but you know, you can't just keep secrets from your best friends. I only tell the people who NEED to know.

Also, I can release the energy I absorb, right? Like, I glow all the time, but I can shoot light blasts hot enough to make instant sunburns, or even to burn through wood, concrete, you name it. Some scientist called them 'high-intensity photon emissions'. I call 'em 'Leigh's answer to Tony the Cockroach Montana'. YOU say hello to my little friend! KABOOSH!!! Take that, Robbie Butler.

I'm getting WAY off topic. Sorry. But, yeah, special baby, special kid, never got to go out at night, had to wear COMPLETELY opaque costumes at Halloween. If you see me in the light, nobody can tell I'm glowing, but in the dark I'm like a lightning bug. Everybody knows I'm there. What I'm basically saying here is while my parents mean well, some of the restrictions just suck.

On the other hand, they put up with a lot when I was little. 'Til I figured out I shouldn't, you know, go nova if they wouldn't give me a cookie. Not only did I pretty much pass out afterwards, but I destroyed more furniture that way. They got that under control by the time I went off to kindergarten, and other than needing to wear seven layers of leather every time I went out after 6 PM life was pretty much standard for me, up 'til I turned thirteen or so and made the BIGGEST mistake of my life.

Second biggest. Biggest was thinking that Robbie Butler's human.

Given my powers and my last name and all, I guess it's not really a surprise that my family, and my friends, called me Sunny. My dad expanded that to 'Sunny-Bunny' (though he is under threat of severe burns if he does that in front of my friends these days). So around thirteen years old, like four years ago, with the earthquake and everything and superheroes coming out of the woodwork, I got the idea that my hometown, Roseville, Minnesota, needed its own superhero. Roseville's right outside Minneapolis. It's a pretty high class town, with an AWESOME mall (though not nearly as excellent as the one down in Bloomington), but that close to the city there's a little crime of course.

I got the big idea to be that superhero. With the help of two of my friends I made a costume (rabbit-themed) and started sneaking out at night and patrolling the streets for crime. You'd think I'd have trouble at night, and I AM slower, but there's enough light, between streetlights and starlight and the moon, to keep me going, usually. Of course, I was utterly exhausted when I got home around three in the morning and crashed out on my bed. I managed to hide my costume from my parents, and for about a week I felt pretty clever.

Then one night there actually WAS trouble. I caught a couple of guys trying to steal a car and chased them off with lasers and fireworks. It wasn't the crooks that were the problem. It was me shouting 'FEAR the WRATH of SUNNY-BUNNY!' And my dad discovering that I wasn't in bed and going looking for me.

I was grounded for three months. No more Sunny-Bunny superhero.

About a year ago, though, dad got transferred from his job in St. Paul to San Angeles — the company was opening a branch office and wanted dad to be the big cheese here. Now, there are superheroes galore in this city, but what's more, there are PRODUCERS. So I figure, I'm not going to use my dad's nickname for me as a codename anymore (because, I mean, Sunny Bunny? SO juvenile). I've got a new costume, a new name, and I'm gonna kick some butt and get myself Discovered. Capital D.

Look out, world. Here comes Daybreak!

And no, Robbie, I will NOT go out with you. As if.

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Real Name: Leigh Beverly Sunderland
Aliases: Daybreak
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: I refuse to answer that question.
Known Relatives: David (father), Jami (mother), Corey (brother)

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