Players at Age of Heroes MUX are allowed up to two powered, one street level, and two non-powered characters at the start of the game.

Non-Powered alts are built on 45 power points each and are capped at PL3.

  • Non-Powered alts do not earn XP beyond level 5.
  • Non-Powered alts cannot have any powers.
  • Non-Powered alts are normal people, they can be exceptional within normal human limits.
  • Examples Firemen, Police Officers, Bike Messengers…virtually any normal person you might meet.

Street Level alts are built on 90 power points and capped at PL6. This is the lowest level of Heroic character.

  • When building a Street Level alt start by building yourself as a PL3-5 character then spend whatever points remain on what pushes you into the realm of the heroic.
  • Examples A sidekick to a more powerful hero, a teen hero in high school, a super agent defending his country with chutzpah and high tech gear, a hero whose powers have just manifested, the hero (or anti-hero) portrayed in movies such as The Bourne Identity, or Die Hard.

Powered alts have 300 power points between them and can either be built on 150 power points each capped at PL10 or one can be built on 180 power points with PL10 level limits and the other built on 120 power points and capped at PL8.

  • Powered Alts built on 180 power points are some of the mightiest beings to walk the Earth. These represent experienced heroes and heroines.
  • Examples An immortal champion who's been defending the Earth for centuries, a mysterious sorceress who has been practicing her arts for years, the semi-divine incarnation of a hero of legend. From comic books examples might be an older Spiderman from Marvel Comics, or Doctor Fate from DC comics.
  • Powered Alts built on 150 power points are still very powerful entities but less experienced and diverse than their higher power point counterparts.
  • Examples Any of the characters as shown in the core rules, most of the heroes in Green Ronin's Freedom League or the X-Men from the recent movies.
  • Powered Alts built on 120 power points are more powerful than Street Level heroes, but definitely not as strong as the more powerful heroes listed above. This is a sort of grey area that bridges the streets to the more epic levels of play.
  • Examples An aging Golden Age hero, a Pulp Hero in his prime. From comic books a PL8 would be exemplified by the New Mutants or Hellions around their first appearances in Marvel Comics, or many of the early Teen Titans from DC comics.

We don't really enforce rigid rules about activity but if an alt isn't logged in for 30 days and is not on vacation it will be destroyed. No sense in bloating the database with character bits that aren't being used, whatever the reason. If you do need to retire or freezer an alt there are options for that.

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