Real Name: Tim Blocker
Aliases: {$Aliases}
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Odd Jobs
Citizenship: USA
Education: College
Birthplace: Rose Hill, NJ
Date of Birth: 3/18/1988
Known Relatives: Parents Harris and Angela
Group Affiliation: {$Affiliation}


Tim Blocker was a typical snot-nosed teenager, rebellious and angry. He went down a somewhat atypical path, though. Instead of just going all gothy to freak out his parents, he got into magic. Black magic. It was all punk stuff, though, things you can buy in any bookstore or New Age shop. He acted the part of the dark sorcerer, wore a cape in public, and was generally even more ignored than before. At 14, Tim found a sheaf of papers stuffed in another book he was looking at, and that made all the difference. They were notes from a real sorcerer, left behind years ago. Tim followed the instructions and that Halloween he sold his soul for power, power to Show Everyone.

And not a damn thing happened.

Disheartened, Tim turned away from magic and grew up a little more that year. He threw away everything with any black in it, and quit smoking. His dad got a much better job and they moved across the country where no-one had ever heard of Tim Blocker, giving him a chance to re-invent himself. He dressed nice, cut his hair and found he was… popular. More than popular, actually. Girls flocked to him, guys wanted to be his buddy, teachers commented on how nice and polite he was. He was Going Places, definately. His dad got a huge promotion and they were suddenly, officially, Rich. He had a steady girlfriend, was on the track team, and carried a 4.0 average. Suddenly, all the crap they tried to teach him just made sense. He got a free ride scholarship to UCSA and went to college as a real golden boy. He married his high school sweetheart and majored in international business; he was slated for a big corner office in the corporation of his choice when he graduated.

Halloween of his Junior year, when he was 21, all that went away. Then the seven years of fame he'd contracted for when he was 14 came to an end and the demon showed up to claim the soul Tim had sold long ago. He'd sold his soul to Show Everyone and he'd done that. All the good fortune that had showered his family was a present from Hell. Now the demon moved into his body and changed it hideously. In Hell, Bethaxus stoked the furnaces and here on Earth he appears as a being of stone and metal, glowing with hellfire from within. When he takes over Tim, he rampages and destroys, crushes and rends in an almost mindless fashion, glorying in destruction for it's own sake.

Tim's life is in a shambles. His good fortune has evaporated. His wife has left him, his teachers realize that his brilliant classwork is plagerized from smarter colleagues, and all the friends he thought he had have proven false. Now, he simply tries to get through each day in a series of meaningless menial jobs, never knowing when Bethaxus will decide to take over his body and send him on a terrifying spree of carnage.

Use: Cauldron is a mystical version of The Hulk: a primal force of nature that 'just happens', leading to titanic amounts of property damage. He can appear at any time, for any reason. Hurting Tim, making him mad, etc, can let Bethaxus take over his body. Only if he stays in a drugged-out stupor is he immune to being possessed. Note his damage: this is a villain for multiple powerful heroes to face off against. His only 'weak spot' is that he doesn't have totally Impervious Toughness.

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Real Name: Tim Blocker / Bethaxus
Aliases: Cauldron
Age: 22 / Millenia
Hair: None
Eyes: Fire
Height: 15'2"
Weight: 6000 pounds
Known Relatives:

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