Back At The Treehouse Of Justice

Date: Sept 28th, 2010
Participants: Aleksei, Derek, Timo
Summary: In the aftermath of taking down the summoner, the friends meet at Aleksei's place afterwards.

Aleksei thuds down into a beanbag when they get back to his place, the boy having transformed back from Proton after delivering the summoner to the cops. "Man, that was.. intense. I was half-expectant got transform back still covered in goop," the Russian boy says, adjusting his glasses.

Derek is lounging in another beanbag, having switched back to his civilian clothes somewhere along the way. "At least we saved that kid, and kept the bad guy from doing whatever he was trying to do. How many of those little imps do you think escaped?"

Aleksei shakes his head. "I have no idea. I think Linus was jus as surprised as they were. No doubt we'll be rounding them up for the next week or more.." the boy breathes. He shoots a smile at Derek. "You were pretty amazing, dude. In, out, save the kid, capture the dude, wow. I think we'll wind up being your sidekicks or something," he laughs.

Derek can't help but grin, but shakes his head. "Nah, you guys did all the fighting. I barely knocked that one Pulp Fiction guy down. I'm more like the clean-up crew, sneaking around and doing stuff in the shadows, while you guys get all the glory for punching the bad guys."

Aleksei rubs his knuckles. "They were like hitting stone, mostly," he says. "But you did the important thing, saving that boy's life. He was.. that could have been someone who went to our school," he says quietly. "And we caught the bad guy. I don't think things get better than that," he says, with a sudden smile.

Derek grins again. "Yeah, but nobody -saw-," he says. "I couldn't even take any pictures. Nobody's ever gonna know what heroes we were tonight. Plus there were no damsels in distress to kiss us for saving her life."

Aleksei tosses one of his Nerf balls at Derek's head. "Not in it for the glory, dude," he says. "But I know you're kidding. And no, no damsels, unless you count demonesses," he says, shaking his head.

Derek bats the ball back toward Alek, sticking out his tongue. "Yeah, no way I'd let -her- kiss me. Yuck. Ya know, if we're all gonna work together, we should come up with a team name, for when Timo writes about our exploits in the paper."

Aleksei bats the ball back, seeing how long he can keep this up. "Hey, yeah. Um, how will he explain being down in the depths like that?" he says. "But you're right, we totally need a team name. Too bad we'd get sued for 'Teen Titans'."

Derek has to lean to one side to catch the ball, giving it a fair smack toward Alek. "Yeah, well, he can't write about that, but maybe the mall thing. How about the Junior League? Nah, sounds like we're wannabees."

"Totally!" Alek says as he reaches for the ball only to fall sideways over the beanbag and miss it. The wiry-limbed teen struggles to right himself for a bit, then runs fingers through his hair. "The mall thing, yes! Ummm umm we're teenagers, we're supers, ummm 'Teen Force'? We need to come up with something or the newspapers will name us something stupid like 'Boy Brigade' or 'Kidforce'."

Derek begins to chuckle, quickly letting hair fall over his face to hide it out of instinct. "Boy Brigade, that's terrible. Makes us sound like a Nineties boy band. We definitely need to come up with our own name."

"You would be the Serious One. I'd have to be, um, the Good Looking One," he chuckles. "We would so stink. I cannot sing at all," Alek grins. "You would look good, all mopey and dark on a record cover…" he laughs. "Do not mention this to Timo. He will have a fake one made."

Derek's eyes alight with a gleam, but most of that's hidden behind his hair. "Mmm, the Serious One. I'd just have to stand around in the background, brooding. Timo'd be the Cheerful One, and Linus could be the Brainy One. Does the Serious One get any groupies?"

"As I understand it, the most. Girls love the boy who won't talk but just grunts. At least that is way in movies. I think it will work different, here. But… um, sometimes it does work like that. I have seen it. Sergei, back home; he was like that, all dark and broody. Had to /fight/ the girls off him."

Derek wets his lips. "We -so- have to form a band then. Are you sure you can't sing? Maybe you can play an instrument instead. I can play piano, sorta. Quit taking lessons when I was eleven. What can you play?"

Aleksei fumbles, blushes. "I had a guitar a couple of years ago, when I was going to be a rock god," he smiles. "I can still do… eh, a little bit." He looks up at Derek, studying the boy. "You are not serious, are you?" he asks, simply wondering.

Derek shrugs a bit. "Why not? Even if we suck, we'll still get -some- girls, which is more than any of us have now. You want girls, don't you?"

Beat. "Yeah, I just.. you don't have a girlfriend either, huh?" he says, head falling back onto the soft beanbag. He blows an errant bang out of his eyes. "Wer would. I've heard of worse plans. Can Timo or Linus sing, though? We have to have a singer. Um, and songs."

Derek snorts and rolls his eyes. "Have you heard any of the local bands? None of us have to be able to sing. We'll just play real loud and drown out our own voices. And we'll do covers, since I can't write anything. Hmm, maybe Timo can, he's really good with words. I dunno if either of them play anything though. And we definitely need a drummer." He pauses a bit, lowering his voice, "Never had a girlfriend."

Aleksei nods at this. "We'll need to work on getting you one, then," he grins. "Maybe you have a good idea, here.." he says, growing thoughtful.

Derek glances around quickly, making sure they're actually alone. No little siblings listening at keyholes? He lowers his voice anyway, leaning a bit closer. "So have you ever…uh, you know?"

The Russian boy blinks owlishly at Derek, then suddenly blushes. "Um, no, no.." he says quietly. "Never. I never.. um, haven't had a girlfriend, yet. There was never much opportunity, really…"

Derek blushes as well, leaning back and nodding his head, causing even more hair to hide his face. "Bet you do before me though," he mutters. "You're way better looking. Plus you've got a sexy accent, and girls really go for that sorta thing."

Aleksei snorts. "Not really. Well.. OK, maybe.." he says, shrugging. "So far, not.."

Derek and Aleksei are in civilian clothes again, lounging about on beanbags and talking about…stuff. "Trust me," Derek says, tossing some of his bangs away from his eyes. "I've got a cousin who came to visit from Italy one summer, and the girls were all over him. All because of his accent. Okay, didn't hurt that he's good-looking too, but trust me, it's the accent. Chicks really dig it."

Aleksei ohs and nods. "A couple have commented; Russian accent, not so much I am thinking," he says. "I am working on not having it so much."

Timo appears out of thin air, moving to take a seat on one of the big bean bags as well, "Hey guys." Then he asks, "What're you talking about?"

When Timo appears, Derek blushes darkly again, tossing hair forward. "Uh, forming a band," he mutters, quickly looking away. "Can you sing or play any instruments? We need a drummer. You get to be the Cheerful One."

Aleksei facepalms after his teammate teleports in. "I so have to get shades for my windows, now.." he smiles despite saying this. 'You're doing OK, Timo? You certainly cut loose in there. Good job, dude," the bespectacled boy says.

Timo grins to Alek, "They'd have to be good shades. I can get through even a pinhole." Then he looks to Derek and says, "No, not really. I don't think, anyway, I've never really tried. I can make the ads for you, though." Then back to Alek, grinning, "Thanks. You too. You took that one big demon pretty much solo." Then, as if that reminds him, he asks, "Do you know of someone that goes by the name Hammer? A Russian."

Derek shakes his head. "No way, Timo. You've gotta be -in- the band. The guy who makes the flyers never gets laid. Plus we need you to write our songs and stuff. You're the one who's good with words."

Alek sits there nestled in his beanbag, beaming at his two friends, then sits up straight. "Hammer?!" he says, followed by what's obviously an expletive in Russian. "Here?" he says. "Oh, this cannot be good.." he moans.

Timo grins to Derek and says, "Well, ok, I can try." He then looks to Alek and nods quickly, "Yeah, he tried to steal the new cubs from the zoo the other day. I chased him off, but he swore he'd get me back or something like that. Why, who is he?"

Derek frowns then, sitting up in the beanbag. "Wait, hang on. This Hammer guy, is he someone who followed you from Russia?"

Aleksei shakes his head. "No, no. Hammer and Sickle were national hereos in Russia. It was a title passed down for many years; the government, it would empower the new ones when the old ones would retire or die. Sometimes it would find people with powers, but usually it was a treatment of some kind. Anyway, they were great heroes until the last pair. The old regime fell out of power with the fall of Communism and Hammer and Sickle were seen as embarassement. The government tries to depower them, but they wouldn't go; they resisted, then killed the men responsible for making them, so no-one else could stop them." He groans and puts his hand over his eyes. "I fought them once; it was.. pretty bad. I think I am lucky to be alive."

Timo blinks, "Hammer has a partner? Yeah, that'd be pretty bad. Hammer alone hit me hard enough to get through my force field, though it only hurt a couple hours. I'd probably have been in big trouble if they were both there."

Derek frowns, rubbing at his chin for a few moments. "Well, the good news is, you won't have to fight either of them alone, 'cuz now you've got us to fight with you. After all, we're…the Boy Brigade!" For some reason, this causes him to begin giggling softly.

Aleksei nods quickly to Timo. "Yes, he does. I think only reason I live is that they were in a hurry; they dropped me, and I was unable to defend myself, but they left rather than finish me off." He grimaces and tosses the Nerf ball at Derek again. "Not going with that one. Timo, help, please. We need name for ourselves, unless newspapers give us something stupid like that."

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