Real Name: Gloria Gaines
Aliases: Gloria
Identity: Secret
Occupation: EMT
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Education: EMT Training
Birthplace: Salem, MA
Date of Birth: Officially January 3, 1983. Really May 1, 2004.
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None


In the spring of 2004, a small coven of seven witches, both male and female, in Salem, Massachusetts were faced with one of the greatest challenges of their lives. A demon had been summoned and while they had managed to survive its attacks thus far, they were weakening, and if they fell they knew the demon would go on to ravage the town and then beyond. This demon gained power through murder and destruction, and if it killed them then there would be no stopping the beast.

And so they sought to summon a protector, a creature that could beat back the demon and save the day. The ritual they required was complicated, demanding a heavy price from its casters, but those seven men and women were willing to pay whatever price. In a blaze of pure white magic that left three dead and the rest weak, they summoned forth a blazing spirit just as the demon attacked. It killed two more before the spirit was manifest enough to combat the beast, and when the battle was over a sixth witch was dead, and the seventh dying.

The spirit, a brand new creation of white magic, had little knowledge or understanding, but the dying woman spoke to her in Latin, managing just a few more words before she fell unconscious. "Gloria," she muttered, and the spirit decided that that was its name.

The spirit remembers little of the next few months. It was learning, though. It had not been banished — its creators did not live to disperse it. So it watched humans and took on human form. It learned English through observation and television and grocery store tabloids. It came to decide that it was what people called an angel, and discovered when it thought of itself this way it became more angelic in appearance, sprouting wings, manifesting a blazing sword and a brilliant halo hovering over its head. With knowledge of its angelic nature in mind, Gloria set out to do good in the world.

The problem was, human form came with human necessities. Gloria could not stay in angelic form constantly - it was exhausting - and had to find a way to feed itself, shelter itself when it was human. It travelled across the country, down to the gulf coast where a bartender was happy enough to hire it on as a waitress. Gloria looked like a gorgeous human female, after all, and was sweet as pie and willing to do what was required to make customers happy. Using the money it made as a waitress, Gloria put together funds to go to school to become an EMT - it seemed a good way to help people when it was not in its angelic form.

Less than a year after it arrived in southern Mississippi, Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans. Gloria, newly trained as an EMT, volunteered to help people in the city, and in its angelic form did still more good, saving lives wherever it could. People were grateful, and Gloria was glad to help. Over the course of several months it made itself a temporary home in the devastated city, and discovered that the longer she spent in human form, the more human it became. It began to see herself as female, in addition to angelic.

A year later devastation struck the west coast, and Gloria left New Orleans behind, giving brief notice at work with the simple explanation that she was now needed in California. As an angel she flew across the country, landing in the devastated city of Los Angeles and giving succor wherever she was able. When she was not exhausted she could heal people with her angelic powers. When she was too tired for that she treated them as best she was able with the skills she'd learned as an EMT. She discovered, though, that in this place there were more people like her — not angels, no, but humans who strived to be angels, or at least strived to do good.

The angelic form of Gloria has been seen in San Angeles in the years since the quake, though almost universally fleetingly and most people simply remember a beautiful blonde woman pulling them from wreckage and healing wounds before EMTs arrived to do more thorough examinations. But Gloria has found herself wanting to announce her presence to others like her, and now she intends to do just that.

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Real Name: Gloria (Gaines is sort of an affectation)
Aliases: Anthem
Age: 27 officially, 6 really
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 132 lbs
Known Relatives: None

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