Title: Alcatra
Who: Colin and Tiago
When: January 21st, 2011
Where: Tiago's apartment, Rowan Springs Apartments
What: After being snowed under at work for weeks, Tiago finally has time to spend an evening with Colin, and celebrates by cooking a meal.

Colin Reed is normally not vain. When not planning anything, or out on patrol, he will usually end up bumming around his lab in the Redwood in sweats and an old-T-shirt. Which is fine for when he's working, since he works from home. Home being a giant genetically engineered hollow Redwood tree in the middle of de la Vega Memorial Park run by a snarky AI that he thinks is dating a friend of his who is the daughter of a ecoterrorist dryad from the nineteen sixties.

God, Colin thinks. When did my life become awesome.

Maybe about five minutes after he first went out as Thorn, but more likely a few minutes after one Tiago Ferruguento sat down at his outside table at a coffee place some time ago. And it's Tiago's apartment that Colin is standing outside of now, using the reflection in the glassy globe 'hiding' the building's security camera to check to see he's in order. His hair is combed, and he's gone for an argyle light sweater and slacks. He knocks, trying to find something to do with his hands as he waits.

Tiago Ferruguento is a bit vain, in truth. But he works in fashion so he has to be, really. Gotta look the part, after all. Tonight, he likes to think he's looking pretty fine. He's spending the evening with Colin so he has to look nothing short of great. Of course, he's spent plenty of time with Colin, enough that he doesn't freak out over his outfit when he knows he's going to be seeing his partner-in-non-crime anymore, but tonight is different. Tonight, Tiago is cooking dinner for Colin, just as Colin did for him the night they shared their first kiss. He wants it to be right. He wants it to be special.

Hearing a knock at the door, he stops wandering back and forth in his kitchen, eyes darting about manically as he tries to figure out exactly which crucial culinary element has slipped his mind. Cooking isn't his area. If only he could turn dress-making into a romantic date. With one more nervous and suspicious glance at the oven, he sighs and heads for the door. He's going to burn the dinner. It is as inevitable as the sunrise.

He sidesteps past the mirror so that he can check his silk shirt and painstakingly sculpted hair haven't gone awry, before pulling the door open. As soon as he sets his sights on his dinner companion, any trace of anxiety vanishes from his features, replaced by a megawatt smile. "Colin!" Without hesitation, he plants a kiss on the man's lips. "You are looking very good, as always," he adds, casting an approving glance at Colin's sweater. Fashion test passed. "Come in, come in!"

Colin, on his part, is aware that a night of working with plants would not be an ideal date. Though, it might depend on the plant, but he's not daring to bring that up to Tiago at the moment. Still, it kept him semi-in-demand at college, but that was some time ago. Best not to think on that, and just enjoy the man's company.

His hands drop to his side as the door starts to open, though they come back up as Tiago appears and closes in. His hands rest lightly on Tiago's shoulders as he leans into the kiss, eliciting a short 'mmm' sound. "Thank you," he says. "I've been trying to think on clothing, but I'm not you." He feels underdressed, seeing Tiago, but the silk feels so nice against his hands. "You doing all right?"

A grin crosses Tiago's lips, as tends to happen whenever he's in Colin's company. "Oh, do not worry," he smiles, casually taking hold of Colin's hand as he leads him into the apartment. "You always look very nice. You have a natural style. Simple, elegant, classy. That is the best way to be. Lots of people do not have that, you know, it is very sad." A true tragedy.

The apartment is… well, pretty sparse, truth be told. If not for the occasional fashion magazine or coffee cup waiting to be washed, one would be forgiven for thinking nobody lived here at all. The furniture is clean, arranged neatly, and looks largely unlived-in. It's all very nice, modern-looking, spacious, functional… but it isn't terribly homely. This isn't because Tiago is a neat freak, however. It's really just because he doesn't spend a lot of time in the main body of his apartment. The real action goes on in his studio, at the back of the apartment, the door to which is firmly shut tonight. He spends more than enough time on business, and that has been especially true in recent weeks. Tonight is devoted to pleasure.

In the centre of the living room is a glass dining table, upon which is a set-up very similar to that which adorned Colin's table on that fateful, kiss-filled evening. There is a single, tall candle, along with small decorative jars of roses to accompany the plates and cutlery. The lights have been dimmed, Latin music is playing softly in the background, and the aroma of cooking food floats about the room. Romance factor 10, or so Tiago is hoping.

"I am well," he says in answer to Colin's question. "It is so good to be able to relax now that the show is over. So good! I feel I have not seen you in months!" This is not true, of course. They've made as much time as possible for each other, but Tiago is well aware that he's just been through one of those unavoidable and mercifully rare periods when work swallows him whole. "And you? You are well, yes? Oh please, sit down, sit down!"

Colin, despite being a young genius botanist, is not a vegetarian. He even eats *gasp* fast food on occasion, taking care to recycle the burger wrappers or plastic containers appropriately. That's part of why Thorn isn't quite overly popular with the 'eco friendly' community at large, despite being conscientious. His stance is that things can be improved. However, his smile says that he's not worrying over it right at the moment. "I'll trust your expertise," he says. "Even pitching an invention to investors requires some degree of presentation. And they don't take too kindly to the wild-haired mad scientist look." Pause. "I'm saving it for my forties."

"Let me help," Colin offers, even as Tiago offers a seat. "I don't want to distract you from cooking." Not yet, anyway. He did come hungry, after all. He takes the fingers of his right hand and brushes them against the back of Tiago's neck. "We've both been busy with everything," he says. "I'm happy we are and not bored, but…we take what time we can and be thankful for it." He considers. "I'm still working on the rad-absorbing bacteria, but my tests haven't had the best results. There's still too much bio waste even if the radiation levels are near nil after exposure." He lifts a finger. "Mind, my lab is safe and shielded. I'm also clean, and I get checked every hour for radiation poisoning. So don't worry."

His smile lifts, just a little. "I think Heather is dating my house."

"With me around, you will always be the best dressed scientist in town," Tiago grins. In his opinion, Colin doesn't need much fashion help, but the chances are that he'll occasionally find a few Ferruguento originals slipped into his wardrobe. Tiago can't help Colin with his actual research and development but he can certainly make sure all the other boffins are jealous of his threads. Important work indeed.

He's not terribly concerned about Colin traipsing radiation into the apartment. Given the life they lead, and his own semi-deathly nature, he figures that it probably isn't radiation that'll be the end of him. Besides, he trusts Colin. His man doesn't do sloppy work. "You will work it out," he says in reference to Colin's rad-absorbing bacteria. He doesn't offer any advice on the subject (because he can't) but his smile suggests that it hasn't entered his tiny mind that Colin might not be able to figure it out. "I have faith in you."

"Now, you just sit down," he says, his smile remaining as he slides closer to Colin, lightly taking hold of his hands. "Dinner only needs to be served. I want you to relax tonight." To seal the deal, he presses a tender kiss on his boyfriend's lips. After a brief pause to look lovingly into Colin's eyes, Tiago steps away, heading towards the kitchen. He hesitates before he gets there though, turning back to Colin as his words register in his head. "Heather is dating… your tree?" Well. Hrm. Heather IS all planty. So… maybe that's not so odd. Oh! Wait! Not the Redwood! "Oh! Rose!" Tiago grins, visibly melting. "Oh, how lovely. That is so nice. I like Rose, she is always very nice to me. She always says 'How are you, Mr. Ferruguento?'. You are very lucky to have her." Again, he turns towards the kitchen, but, again, he pauses, faltering. "She does… approve, yes? Of us? Of me?"

"Thanks," Colin replies. His own confidence isn't broadcasted. He tends to keep a quiet feeling of self-assuredness, that 'I know what I'm doing' mentality. When it comes to his science, at least. He doesn't like to use the words 'one of the top people in my field,' even if he has the degrees and scores to back that claim up. And he's almost twenty-six.

Given the request, Colin sits at the table, mostly to stay close to the kitchen and Tiago himself. "Rose, The Redwood kind of is Rose. I mean, I programmed her AI, and she is doing exactly what she was programmed to do, but bonding to the tree itself seems to have given her…" Slow, thoughtful pause. "More personality than I admit I thought I had done." Rose is snarky, to Colin. A lot. "As for us…how so? That I'm dating? Rose doesn't have the cultural prohibitions or social traditions that we've grown up with…"

"She is very… she has spirit," Tiago agrees, with a flash of a grin. He's noticed that she isn't always entirely reverential when talking to Colin. Heather's got herself a handful there, though he imagines that may be part of the appeal.

Stepping into the kitchen area, he begins busying himself with plates and pots and spatulas and ladles and lord knows what else. Tentatively, he eyes the food as he serves it up, but to his surprise, nothing appears to be burnt. Somehow, between bouts of panic, he's managed to put together a pretty appetising meal. Miracles do happen.

"I do not mean that exactly. I know she does not mind that I am a boy," he says over his shoulder as he works on serving up their dinner. "It is… well, Rose is part of your family. It is important to me that she does not mind me being around." It might be odd that someone who is, ultimately, a simple soul would accept Rose as a 'person' so easily, but it's his simplicity that enables him to adjust to such an outlandish idea. Rose is an individual with a personality and relationships of her own. That makes her a person as far as he's concerned. A person whose opinion is important to him. "I do not want her to think I am… bad for you." He's worrying for the sake of it, really. It's only because he cares!

The lack of reverence Rose displays when Colin has guests over is toned down from when the boy and his AI are alone. But, there is a bubble of laughter from the lab rat. "Tiago, Rose thinks you're handsome…for a human of course, and pleasant. She's happy that I'm out and about but she thinks you can do better." He winks, here. "Still, she does look out for me, and is happy for us."

He leans forward, elbows at the edge of the table, cupping his chin in his hands. "So…what're you doing?" He's trying, trying really hard, not to get up against orders and go into the kitchen to snoop.

Tiago visibly perks up at that, almost as if someone has just stroked his feathers. If he had feathers. "She thinks I am handsome? Really?" He laughs, and may even be blushing the tiniest bit. "She is very kind." He seems to have relaxed some though. If Rose approves of him and their relationship, that can only be a good thing and it's a load off his shoulders. "I am glad she is cool with us. That makes me happy. And so do you," he adds, glancing back at Colin with a smile.

"What am I doing?" He pauses to check he's switched everything off and isn't going to burn the apartment down, before lifting the two plates and carrying them over to the table. All done, it seems. "I am feeding my man." Setting down the steaming food in front of Colin, he still looks a little nervous about it. He doesn't cook for people often. Or ever, really.

"I thought that I would cook you some traditional Portuguese food. This is alcatra," he explains, gesturing at the meal awaiting Colin. "It is beef marinated and roasted in red wine and garlic. I think if we both eat garlic, it is okay," he adds with a grin. If they both stink, there's nothing standing in the way of kissing time later. There are also carrots, turnips and slices of chorizo sausage in evidence on the plate. There's quite a lot of it. "Portuguese food is pretty spicy but you will be okay. It is not too hot, I promise. I hope you like it," he adds anxiously, with only a hint of panic in his voice.

"She is also very, very right," Colin adds. Because Tiago is very handsome. Colin even gets little stomach-flutters at times when he realizes that this handsome man is dating him. Of all people, the work-addicted plant nerd… And there's the superhero thing besides; he doesn't even remember meeting Spook for the first time in costume, thanks to Virtuoso. "She mothers me a bit. Mostly because, like I've said before, I sometimes get lost in what I'm doing in the lab." Hell, Colin came up with the AI to remind him of things. Like, say, eating.

"I am totally cool with garlic," is Colin's answer. "As well as spicy food." A grin splits his features for a moment. "Tiago, relax. It smells fantastic, and while I've never tried it, I don't have any allergies or real dislikes. It'll be all right."

Tiago grins, his chest tightening a little as Colin calls him handsome. It's a strange mixture of nerves, excitement and general happiness, and it's a feeling he's becoming familiar with. He's more than a little fond of it.

"I know that feeling," he laughs, as his dining companion mentions getting lost in work. "I will show you my studio later and you will see that I am just as bad." It's a tiny bit messy in there. Tiago justifies it by telling himself he's an artist so the controlled chaos of his workspace is allowable, but the truth is that he just gets excited about making his ideas a reality and that excitement doesn't give him time to be neat.

The young designer seems calmed by Colin's reassurances that the food will be fine, a bright smile breaking across his lips. Tiago has his moments of worrying over nothing but it's usually pretty easy to get him to chill. He's low maintenance overall, luckily. Still smiling, he tries a forkful of his lovingly prepared food and, after a few seconds of thoughtful chewing, smiles with satisfaction at the results. "I never cook properly for myself. I use my microwave too much!" he laughs, patting his stomach as if to indicate that junk food is giving him a pot belly. Although it isn't. He is a superhero, after all. It's in his super-contract to be in shape.

Putting his fork down for a moment so that he can pour some wine for them both, he offers Colin a soft smile. "It is so good to be able to spend time with you again, Colin. I have been so busy and I love that, it is very exciting but… you know. All I really wanted to do was to see you."

"This is so wicked," Colin says, after taking a bite of the food. It's not burning his mouth, but there's a kick to it, and it's something that he likes. "The garlic is just right, too. You can tell it's there but it doesn't overpower the rest of the flavoring." He wonders if the food wouldn't taste as good if it wasn't his boyfriend making it, but he finds he doesn't care, because the reality is he's enjoying himself.

"Don't worry. I know you have a show to work on, and I refuse to be the needy type who threatens your job." Which Colin can tell Tiago loves. If anything happened to his livelihood because of Colin it would crush him. "I wanted to see you, too. But it spurs me to work hard and get it right, so I can. I would love to see your studio."

Tiago positively beams when Colin compliments the food. Careful, Colin, this may move Tiago to cook more often which greatly increases the chances of the inexperienced chef giving them both food poisoning.

"I am so glad you like it! I was worrying all day. I asked the lady in the store about how much garlic to put in, can you believe I do this? I am silly. She was very helpful though! She was a Portuguese lady, I will go there again, she can give me tips and I can cook you other things." See? Food poisoning. Inevitable.

Tiago cheerfully chews on his food, somehow managing to maintain his smile while doing so as he listens to Colin speak. "Oh, I will show it to you after dinner! You will laugh, it is so messy. I am making you a jacket in my spare time, you can see what I have done so far." After a sip of wine, he digs into his dinner again. "At least all the hard work on the show is done now. My time is my own again. At least until the next show. I have a few months of a normal life until then. If flying around the rooftops counts as normal," he grins. "Have you been very busy in the lab? The radiation… stuff must be taking up a lot of time?" He wanted to use a cleverer snippet of jargon than 'stuff' but his brain failed him.

"Why is that silly," Colin asks. "You wanted to do something, you weren't sure on some of the specifics, so you asked someone who does it a lot more often than you do…by your own admission, you just said. I think it's sweet that you asked for help instead of just guessing. I'm really flattered, actually." It shows, to Colin, that Tiago wanted to do this right.

"My lab is clean. My study…where I compile my notes? Not so much." he tilts a hand, putting down his fork for a moment. "Well, I'm not going public with the rad-eating algae until I can get it right, because if I tried to get interested parties first instead of using my own resources, I'd be under a deadline more than likely in return, which would make me feel rushed, and it wouldn't be…right. Like, what if I gave them what I had and there were side effects I'd never thought of? I would take that responsibility."

Tiago smiles his goofiest smile when Colin says he's flattered. He wants to shift his chair around to the other side of the table so he can cuddle Colin but they're eating and that would be awkward. He'll wait until after they've downed their dessert.

He doesn't quite put down his fork when Colin talks further about his rad-eating algae but he does stop eating, listening with clear interest. He may not be science-brained but he's not dumb either and he knows how impactful and revolutionary such an invention would be. It blows his mind that his boyfriend is so clever that he can create something like that. Not only that but his boyfriend is SO clever that he could create rad-eating algae and it probably wouldn't even be the greatest achievement of his life. It might not even make the top ten. Colin is an extraordinary man and Tiago only grows more aware of it, and more attracted by it, every time he sees him.

"That is wise, I think. And responsible. This way you have the freedom to work on this at your own pace and work out all the kinks along the way." He smiles, reaching across the table to brush his fingers against Colin's. "You make me feel very proud of you."

In Colin's head, it's one of the most important things he's doing. To remove lingering radiation would be a great benefit to the environmental biosphere as a whole. Healing blasted areas, for one. That means more to him than anything else. "Thanks, but it also takes money, which is out of my own pocket, which is the balance I pay for not getting investors first. I think it's the right thing in the long run." He speaks passionately of it, at least that is what can be seen in his eyes.

"I'm proud of you, too. You're handling two very high-maintenance careers, that put a lot of demand on you, and still you come out smiling." Oh, smile more, he thinks. It's so nice.

"I promise, if Kate Moss starts wearing my dresses and I become a multi-millionaire, I will invest in you," he says with a grin. His smile fades a little though because he's already started attempting mental sums in the vain hope that he could help to fund Colin's research but he knows it's a fruitless endeavour. He's doing okay financially, he's reasonably comfortable, but he's light years away from having the kind of cash Colin might need and probably always will be. He'll just have to support Colin in other ways. "I believe you are doing the right thing, holding out on investment for now. Our investors can be a curse as much as a blessing. Sometimes they want a certain amount of creative control and we can not always afford to say no. In your line of work, the last thing you want is for investors to put pressure on you. No, you are right. Take your time now and make sure you are producing something you can have complete confidence in. You are going to change the world and you are going to do it right. And that is just one of the many reasons I think you are wonderful."

As silently bidden, Tiago does indeed smile brightly at Colin's words, even blushing a little. "Well, I try my best. I am not always good at balancing everything in my life but I am getting better. I have let the super stuff slip lately though, I have not had time to put the costume on much, with work and everything. Can we do some patrolling together? Tomorrow, that is," he adds. "Tonight is for Colin and Tiago, not Thorn and Spook."

"Well, you'd save a ton of money on materials if Kate Moss started wearing your designs, I can tell you that much." Meow, Colin "Still, you're right. No work, no heroics. Tonight should be just us." He idly wonders to himself about the duties of being a superhero, balanced out with one's personal need to unwind or have personal time. "Tomorrow, patrolling would be great, but tonight is dinner and…whatever else you have planned."

Tiago laughs at Colin's dig. Poor old Kate Moss. He prefers to stay away from the stick thin models generally because he tends to think that normal-shaped women make his clothes look better, despite with conventional fashion wisdom says. Still, the truth is that he wouldn't turn his nose up at Kate Moss endorsing his designs. He'd be crazy to turn down someone so influential, even if she hasn't eaten for since she was six.

"Perfect," he smiles, reaching over to squeeze Colin's hand. He quickly lets go though. The guy's probably been slaving away in the lab all day, he should let him eat. Picking up his fork again, he returns to polishing off his own meal. "We have dessert to come yet," he notes, a grin on his lips. "That is the best bit of any meal."

This gets Colin's eyes to light up a bit more, as he looks across the table at Tiago. "You know, I'm tempted to interpret that last statement as if I were twelve years old." It's him that reaches back for Tiago's hand. The food will still be there, after all. "I'm joking, of course. This is pretty nice here, tonight."

A twinkle enters Tiago's eye to match his grin as he happily takes hold of Colin's hand. "There is nothing wrong with being twelve years old. Look at the lives we lead, Colin. We spend so much time having to be grown-ups. It is nice to indulge our inner children sometimes. Especially when dessert is concerned!" It probably comes as little surprise that Tiago is the kind of man who gets excited about ice cream and cake, or that he thinks it's healthy to be take a childlike pleasure in things when life allows.

"This is nice. You are right." He puts down his knife so that he can take hold of Colin's hand with both of his own. Now that he's filled the hole in his stomach, he's increasingly less interested in the food and more interested in just spending time with the man sitting opposite him. "You know…" He hesitates for a moment, nerves blossoming in his stomach, trying to choose his words carefully. "Tonight is nice. And… it doesn't have to end. You can stay here tonight. If you want to." He figures Colin will know that he's not just suggesting a sleepover but he doesn't want to push the issue by spelling it out too clearly. If Colin isn't ready then he isn't ready. Tiago has no intention of putting pressure on him. Colin is more than worth the wait.

"I grew up with hippies," Colin replies. "I think I was never really twelve." At least, when he was twelve, he was smarter than every kid in his class. Once he asked not to be hom-schooled any longer, actually. The other man's excitement brings a soft smile to Colin's face. But when Tiago uses both hands, he looks a little concerned. "Is something-?" But he's cut off when Tiago speaks.

An eyebrow raises, and a slow smile spreads across his face. "Duh, of course I will," he says.

That slow smile is matched by one of Tiago's own. "Good. I am glad." He smiles back at Colin for a few more seconds, gaze locked on his, while he debates whether or not it would be dignified to suggest abandoning dinner and the rest of the night's festivities and skipping to bedtime. Ultimately, as tempting as it is, he decides against it. He doesn't want Colin to think he only invited him here for one thing. Especially since that isn't the truth. He wants to spend time with him, talking to him, laughing with him, listening to him. They live dangerous lives in a dangerous world. Who knows how many nights like this fate will allow them to share? He intends to make the most of every last second and certainly isn't going to rush through it.

Besides, good things come to those who wait.

Gently, he lets go of Colin's hand so that he can return to his dinner, though he can't shake his smile. Life feels very good right about now. He pops a forkful of food into his mouth and finds his eyes drifting back to the man opposite him again. His smile grows. "You know, stepping out for coffee that day was the best thing I ever did."

"You flatter me," Colin answers, though by his look he doesn't seem to mind that at all. Flatter away! He moves some of the food around on his plate before eating it, more out of habit than any offense meant, and he laughs a bit. "Yeah, I should thank Rose for shutting down my house systems with a threat to keep them off if I didn't go get some fresh air."

"She knows what is best for you, I think," Tiago responds with a grin. "I will have to thank her." He looks wistfully into space as he chews on a last chunk of chorizo. "It was meant to be, I think. We met randomly in costume, and out of costume. Fate wanted us to come together, I really believe this. Someone up there is looking after us." He isn't a religious man (although, given the nature of his powers, he probably should be) so he isn't specifically referring to God, but it certainly strikes him that some kind of cosmic force was making sure he and Colin didn't pass each other by. Which is just fine by him.

Popping one more forkful of meat into his mouth, he carefully places his knife and fork aide by side on the plate and slides it an inch or two away from him to signify that he's done. There's still a little of his meal left but he's had a sufficiency and, truth be told, he's lost his interest in the meal. Colin is swallowing up his attention and he wants to lose himself in that rather than making himself feel bloated. "Dessert is in the fridge so we do not have to have it straight away," he explains as he busies himself with pouring more wine. Not that he's trying to get Colin tipsy, of course. "I can show you around when you are finished, if you would like?" Although that won't take long. His apartment is nice enough but it's no Redwood.

"Fate?" This lets Colin grow a little contemplative. "I…heck, when it comes to that stuff, I don't know. I know I'm supposed to be all about the rational science, but my parents were…spiritual, in their own way. They…well, in a way being into science is rebelling, but my aims coincide with theirs in a way." The left side of his mouth quirks upward. "But it does seem like it was Heaven-sent. My luck beforehand was…sporadic at best." He likes it here. Previous dates he's had with others have been okay, but something here resonates inside him. "Maybe if someone's looking after us, they just gave us the opportunity, and it's up to us what we do with it."

Tiago listens as Colin speaks, gently placing the wine bottle back down on the table and settling into his seat again. This kind of subject matter is difficult for him to get into too deeply. It causes him to think about things he'd prefer not to, and there are things he isn't willing to talk about yet, though he knows the time is fast approaching when he's going to have to open up to Colin about everything. That frightens him but it is quickly becoming inevitable and necessary. In fact, it could even be argued that he's being unfair and cruel by not making sure Colin understands exactly what he's dating. Tiago tries not to think of it in those terms. He's just not ready to confront the issue.

He nods his head along with Colin's words though, truthfully, he couldn't really describe himself as a creature of science. He is, in a literal sense, a spiritual being. It warps his view of these things, so that concepts like 'fate' seem far more natural to him than they might to others. "I think we can be trusted with this opportunity," he replies, hand snaking across the table to take hold of Colin's again. A wry smile spreads across his lips, partly because he wants to steer the conversation into safer territory, but mainly because he's increasingly in the mood to be flirtatious. "And I have some ideas about what I'd like to do with it tonight." It's probably fair to assume that Colin isn't going to be left in peace with his dinner for much longer before he gets dragged into Tiago's arms.

On his part, Colin's relationships in the past, few as they were, didn't reach nearly this level of depth. He's been making an effort not to over-intellectualize things for both Tiago's benefit, for the usual reasons, and his own, to actually lift his head from his lab table once in a while. If he notices Tiago seems to be holding back something, he makes no sign. But, Colin is bad at observation when it comes to noticing stuff like this with other people, so it's entirely possible it's just gone over his head.

Still, there's a smile, as Colin takes his hand and gets up out of his seat. "Do tell," he murmurs…

It would be fair to say that Tiago has already forgotten about the things he's holding back on and refocused on the moment at hand. He's become good at stopping himself from thinking about things that worry him or make him sad, largely because he has to be. His life depends on it. Of course, in this instance, it's particularly easy to put negative thoughts out of his mind because a man he's very fond of has just taken hold of his hand and is smiling at him and being all handsome and wonderful and Colin-ish.

He wants to say something witty and flirtatious in response to Colin's murmured words but his brain fails him. It becomes a little harder to think and speak in English when he's feeling like this. Happy and, well… excited. So instead he does something which will hopefully be more effective than words, stepping around the table without letting go of Colin's hand, and using his free hand to tuck his thumb behind Colin's belt, tugging him a little closer into a kiss. It's the kind of urgent kiss which isn't over quickly and which, Tiago hopes, leaves no question marks over his interest in this man. When their lips finally part, he remains close, voice soft. "How about that tour? My bedroom is very nice. We could start there." His lips curve into a mischievous grin. It's just possible that the tour won't extend any further than that.

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