Real Name: Victor Vaughn
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Translator
Citizenship: US Citizen with no criminal record.
Education: High School with some college.
Birthplace: Rouen, France
Date of Birth: October 2, 1943
Known Relatives: Eric Vaughn (Father; Deceased), Vivian De La Croix (Mother; Deceased)
Group Affiliation: None at this time


I was conceived right around the time that the first super powered people were first showing up, that might have something to do with my being amongst their numbers. Perhaps I should start at the beginning, though.

Dad was a soldier working with the Army Corps of Engineers when he met my mom, a member of the French resistance. To say the least they got on pretty well, you know, figurin' that I was the result. They were all set to get married once they learned mom was pregnant, but I think they were going to anyway, this just sped things up a mite. Anyway, I bet mom had a tough time with the pregnancy on account of me being so strong. Still, she endured, and on October the 2nd I was born.

Dad had been badly injured, bad enough that they sent him home for the months of recovery needed. They hadn't gotten married yet so mom did her best to make due. When dad was released from the hospital he was given an honorable discharge from the service due to having lost a leg. The first thing he did was head to France to try and find mom, and I guess me too.

Me he found, mom was real sick, some kind of nerve gas or something, never did find out what. I have to say that dad manned up, he cared for her until she passed away a week before my first birthday, so I never really knew her, but dad always said they loved a lifetime's worth in the months they were together, and it turns out I got her hair and eyes, and unfortunately dad's nose.

I was always a lot stronger than I looked, and really healthy, like, I ain't never had a cold for example. Dad took us back to the States, and we lived in Mendocino, that's in upstate California on the coast. Anyway, other than that I had a pretty normal childhood and dad raised me to be an honest, god fearin' Roman Catholic, though over the years I guess you could say I've lapsed a bit, never was much for church in the first place.

Not much to say about my childhood, I was always real good at sports, and got decent grades. I had my share of bumps and bruises along the way, well, not too many bruises. I was pretty popular, and was captain of the wrestling team and a varsity football player, though I was nuts for baseball. As for dad he was workin' three jobs to pay the bills, his main job was for the Department of Transportation, he did a lot of the planning for highways, and bridges and stuff, though he couldn't do a lot of the real work seeing as how he had but one leg.

Things got a lot more interesting for me when I turned 15, guess I was a late bloomer on account of how I don't age anymore. Anyway, I was out jogging after school and there was an accident, a real bad one. This freight train got derailed, and made a terrible mess. And I was right there to see it! What could I do? I went in to see if I could help people. It was something awful, the train had been carrying all sorts of fuel, so there were fires everywhere, at first the heat and stuff was pretty bad, but I didn't let that stop me.

I went in, and before I knew it I was doing some amazing stuff! I guess the excitement triggered my super strength and stuff, my clothing didn't survive so good but by the times the authorities showed up I had already rescued a bunch of folks. Me? I wasn't even scratched, though I got pretty filthy with soot.

I was a little freaked out when I figured how strong I got, I mean, I could shred steel with my fingers, and lift a locomotive with one hand! I also learned I didn't need to breathe unless I wanted to talk, and that hot and cold and all that just didn't matter. I had to drop off the teams though, no way it would be fair for me to wrestle with folks, plus, I had to learn what I could do, didn't want to hurt anyone or god forbid, kill 'em!

I think dad figured out something was up, but he never pressed me on it. Still, he was no dummy, and sometimes he'd give me a look that put me in mind of him knowin' more than he let on. We always were real close, and over the years as he grew older and I didn't he never resented what I had, no sir, he seemed damned proud of me, and that pride, trust and love are things I'll never forget.

He passed on eighteen years ago, died in his sleep, real peaceful like.

Since then I've been wandering, helping folks when I can, see, I figure it like this — I'm some kind of mutant, and I have some remarkable abilities. Dad always seemed proud when he read about something I'd done in the papers, though I never did stick around for the press, or authorities. Somehow I think he knew, and you know, for love of him and to honor his memory I figure it is my duty to help those what need my help, wouldn't be right to have all this power and just sit around on my duff.

I was there when the Quake ripped the state apart, and I was there to help when they built San Angeles, though not as Victor Vauhn, no sir, I was there as Adamant and damn proud to help out!

Anyway, since it is hard to explain bein' almost seventy and looking like I'm in my 20s I sold our place, and got me a new ID, still as Victor Vaughn, but a different one, different social security number and everything — pretty much wiped me out financially to get everything set, but hey, it was worth it. My new life in San Angeles is just beginning, I work at a translator service, good job, and I speak a bunch of languages just like dad did, so why not? The pay is decent, and I have a lot of free time.

Don't worry, San Angeles, Adamant is here to protect those what can't protect themselves and Adamant will oppose them as would abuse their power whether it be super or mundane. Don't cotton to bullies, never did, and never will.

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Real Name: Victor Vaughn
Aliases: None
Age: 67 (Looks to be in his 20's)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 255 lbs.
Known Relatives: Eric Vaughn (Father; Deceased), Vivian De La Croix (Mother; Deceased)

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